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FangQi coping with Vietnam anti-dumping cases - polyester filament yarn Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
On May 12, fujian litchi trade co. , LTD. , general manager Brian cheng visited China national textiles import and export chamber of commerce, polyester filament yarn mainly Vietnam consultation to cope with the anti-dumping case. Wang yu textile chamber of commerce, vice President of legal department attended the meeting. Visitors include lychee trade co. , LTD. , director of ShengZhiPing, purchasing yip wei kiat Zhou Yiping of manager and sales manager. This case is the first of fujian litchi in trade remedy cases, has drawn great attention of company leaders. During the meeting, general manager Brian cheng introduced export products quality and price advantage of market conditions and the plan to export, export Vietnam, etc. , and understand this case goods would work. Wang yu, vice President of textile chamber of commerce legal work overall situation are introduced, and the anti-dumping laws and regulations of the basic elements and related matters needing attention, points out the fujian litchi to participate in the advantage of the responses to the case, the condition and combined with dumping and anti-dumping and the correlation analysis to deal with typical cases. George, points out that the case by the Ministry of Commerce bureau of trade remedy and local departments of commercial administration. As an important component of 'four segments linkage mechanism' chamber of commerce in the case to give full play to the role of industry organization, increase the intensity of bargaining. Dongxiao wang, director of the strategies to respond to the case and the main process is introduced, and fujian litchi company agreed to maintain close contact and contact, at any time for litchi company provides consulting and services. Finally, visiting business representative says it will take an active part in this case investigations, and the case should show strong confidence.
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