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Du rectification hidden trouble elimination honghe wool textile city basic - remove 'triad' phenomenon Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
On the morning of February 6, honghe town industrial enterprise the three-pronged rectification work will hold the meeting, participants visited the honghe wool textile city ishan and golden years two textile companies 'triad' regulation model. 'With the reference, let us in several enterprises' triad 'regulation. 'A sweater in honghe town enterprise old total said after the visit. As factories in honghe town 'triad' typical, on December 9, 2017 in honghe town began the regulation after the 'triad' phenomenon, honghe wool textile city scale enterprise ishan and golden years to carry out the renovation quickly, and is listed as the regulation model, to promote honghe wool textile city 'triad' regulation. The reporter understands, to do a good job in honghe wool textile city industrial enterprises 'triad' treatment, regulation, in the area, under the unified deployment of the town, honghe wool textile city through propaganda and mobilization, organizational resources, various enterprises in the park for the intensive MoPai work, and organize the personnel to concentrated study and implement the safety management and implement. In dormitory management, are formed WeChat group propaganda, signed a security responsibility of door-to-door, door-to-door, issued a fire extinguisher, carry on the concrete propaganda and guidance, supervise and urge families make rectification within a time limit, eliminate safety hidden trouble. In rectification implementation phase, honghe wool textile city actively cooperate with the government department work arrangement, control regulations, further changes the specification, tracking implement, enterprise of safety management is weak, has carried on the key supervision and guidance. At the same time, the parts can't according to the requirements of fire control to eliminate small production and processing enterprises, the honghe wool textile city repel and work, and in the main channel to establish fire safety traffic signs and traffic line markings. In addition, for a few not cooperate renovation of enterprises, by the special show chau district office in conjunction with show chau district, district public security bureau fire brigade, area comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau and power supply department, the law enforcement. Effectively promote the 'triad' renovation work smoothly. After renovation, honghe wool textile city total demolition of small boiler 50 sets, small back finishing enterprises 50. And increases the outdoor fire dredge stair 17, 68 owners all stairwells installed security fire door, window for the removal of all affected escape or newly opened the window to escape, 4. 150000 square meters of factory installed the automatic fire sprinkler system. Reporter learned that, at present, honghe wool textile city has been basically clear 'triad' phenomenon. 'The next step, we will put the rectification results for further review, implementation and promotion, set up small check weekly, monthly check the prevention mechanism, resolutely put an end to' triad 'phenomenon. 'Said the relevant person in charge of honghe wool textile city, through the construction of long-term mechanism, to guarantee enterprise's production and operation safety, specifications, and implement the responsibility system for production safety, for honghe town enterprise standard operation with a good start. Honghe relevant person in charge of township government said, according to the 'pilot, global advance', in recent period of time, honghe town according to the rectification list of hidden dangers, all enterprises are non-stop every day to the door to urge and rectification, requirements on February 28, on their own after the rectification, the end of march, basically completed the whole town 1195 industrial enterprises 'triad' fire safety regulation.
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