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Downstream order recovery increase - yarn outside the arrival of the goods Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
According to customs statistics, our country textile clothing exports in October 228. 6. 8 billion dollars, fell 1. 7%, year-on-year slide 6. 74%, compared with the spinning clothing exports in September, fell sharply narrowed, but the damping significantly increased. 1-2019 In October, our country textile clothing export by 2248. 700 million dollars, fell 3% year on year, in November 10, shows signs of bottoming out, Chinese textile clothing export fell to slow, According to statistics, the United States for Chinese clothing imports in September to number calculated by 13. 2% is our country spinning clothing exports fell in September 7. 85% of the key factors) 。 Some places such as guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang weaving enterprises and traders, since October exports Europe and the United States, Australia, Canada and other developed countries and regions of order gradually warming ( Still is given priority to with short single, small single, multiple batches) Of C21 - C40S high match BaoPiao yarn and JC32, compact spinning inquiry JC40S, taking goods more August/September also many positive; The OE yarn, C8S - C16S siro-spun bonded shipment, & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Signings continues to decline, from the side that in November 10, China cotton textile, clothing, foreign trade companies, such as terminal situation after August/September & other; To the dark moments & throughout; After stabilization, rebound opportunities. From a few large traders, import enterprise statistics and estimate, is expected to cotton yarn of arrival is about 16 - in October 170000 tons, more than 20% year-on-year growth, An organization estimates growth of 23% 25%) Yarn, yarn in Pakistan, India's growth is more noticeable, followed by uzbekistan yarn, Vietnam. And more than 16 s and count cotton yarn with improved obviously before September, OE yarn, low arrival quantity rapid decline. On the one hand, the influence of export orders timely pick up recently, coastal areas with high BaoPiao since coning C21S, C32S yarn supply local tension, exporters, traders seize or purchase from other port dispatching sight of yarn; On the other hand continued appreciation in the yuan cotton, cotton yarn, such as import costs down, then overlay domestic mills quotation generally increase since November 300 - 500 yuan/ton, the import yarn enhanced competitiveness. On November 5, the central bank for the first time a one-year MLF interest rates five basis points, the signal meaning clear, clear opened the domestic space to cut interest rates and equity valuations and the domestic liquidity conditions are expected to improve. Next year is expected to have two MLF regulation of interest rates, cut 10 basis points each time.
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