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Downstream demand? A medium if founding rate around 6 into fine hard - line business Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
Ye Jian recently, the China cotton textile industry association vice President of spring to zhang if cluster research, visited zhongheng trading market and some typical knitting enterprises, mainly to understand the recent market situation, management difficulties, and explore how to help enterprises to survive and zhang if government. According to introducing, this year in early January zhongheng textile trading market established project to promote orderly, hand in hand knitting town if government, jointly produce 9 square meters intelligent warehousing logistics center, aimed at based on the powerful global textile resources, to build large-scale warehousing, logistics, information services, value-added services of more than one of the international textile trading platform, provide depth if zhang and national textile enterprise services, the platform is based on the consolidated offline business, step by step guide online trading, the company set up only a few months, has amounted to hundreds of millions of business scale. Market, according to the relevant controller introduces, the indicators in the first half of this year if zhang is stable, but due to many textile enterprises lag order processing, in the first half of some production indicators data is at the end of last year's order, since may sino-us trade friction is serious, the negative effects of the lowest average founding rate is only thirty percent, the recent basic remain at around sixty percent. Product structure demand side, if zhang area shows the opposite trend with previous years, low and medium, the medium yarn falling demand is relatively small, high count line recent business difficult to do instead, speculation and market demand structure show & other; Pyramid & throughout; Type, and the macro economic downturn environment brings low disposable income and consumption of relegation. Ye Jian spring, vice President pointed out that although the sino-us trade friction since the second half of last year to China cotton textile industry chain business confidence hit is bigger, but around the globe, each big emerging textile country, in the short term is not comprehensive conditions can replace China in an all-round way, and to rely on the Chinese market. People the most basic requirements & other; Food and clothing live line & throughout; The garments in the first place, enough to prove that textile industry is a new industry, is always present large-scale industry. But because the yarn is the middle industrial product, no face to face with the terminal and the people, many enterprises in the past business philosophy also low-key, many high quality yarn is not more potential customers know, therefore, the general market downturn, the business difficult to do, come out to show their customer communication is particularly important, China cotton textile industry association also will work hard to build all kinds of platform, promote industry depth communication.
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