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Dongzhi, Anhui: New cotton grows well, but cotton linter prices increase instead of falling

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
Since mid-June, the weather in the east of Anhui Province has been mainly fine and fine. The cotton fields have mild drought and the ground soil has turned white, but there has been no dry cracking. In recent days, there have been short-term and frequent rainfalls in the area. Although the rainfall is not large, the drought in the cotton fields has been effectively alleviated.   Up to now, the local cotton is growing well, the cotton plant height is nearly 100 cm/plant, about 6 fruit branches/plant, 2-3 buds/branches, safflower and white flowers are alternated, the cotton fields are green, and the trenches are neat and stylish. According to a local cotton grower, 'This year's cotton growth is better than last year. The main reason is that continuous rains occurred during the rainy season this year. The farmers are convenient to manage, soil nutrients are maintained, and the cotton grows very well.'    As futures prices continue to fall. Local cotton quotations have also been decreasing. Up to now, the quotation of cotton is between 14,100-14,500 yuan/ton, which is nearly 500 yuan/ton lower than half a month ago. However, the linters, which have been silent for several months, show signs of improvement, and the quotations have increased. It is reported that a local cotton linters dealer recently sold 200 tons of Xinjiang cotton linters at a transaction price of 3,800 yuan/ton. In addition, the price of flowering cotton in Xinjiang is improving, and the number of inquirers has increased. The current price of Xinjiang flowering cotton Has risen to 12,800 yuan/ton. Article keywords:  Anhui cotton linters sunny and good
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