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Dongying city industry in xinjiang to work smoothly in kashgar - textile equipment Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
Li Ningping, kashgar, xinjiang kashgar prefectural party committee secretaries prefectural party committee deputy secretary, vice secretary of the government of shandong province, shandong xinjiang battalion commander in chief Yang guoqiang, ruyi chairman qiu yafu attend the launching ceremony and delivered a speech. Kashgar prefectural party committee members, area presided over by the standing deputy commissioner Chen Zhijiang ceremony. Shule county wei secretary Dong Jian, dongying city, xinjiang battalion command Cao Yonghu, deputy commander 'and the relevant unit leaders attended the launching ceremony. Recently, the reporter understands from dongying government portal website, shandong ruyi 800000 ingot intelligent digital science and technology demonstration base of textile equipment installation and production of the launching ceremony was held in xinjiang kashi shule county industrial park, this is another fruitful results, xinjiang dongying city industry is also deepen the cob industry cooperation of major initiatives, for booster kashgar region create modern textile industrial cluster, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure has great and far-reaching significance. It is understood that in recent years, the dongying city xinjiang work headquarters conscientiously implement the second central work in xinjiang symposium spirit, around the industry to promote employment, to promote stable employment, employment priority strategy, highlight the employment guidance, promote industry xinjiang, introduced the ruyi, zte, etc. A number of accords with the practice of shule enterprises, implementation to the industry to promote employment, to promote stable employment to promote poverty reduction, in order to out of poverty. Shule ruyi textile projects invested by shandong ruyi co. , LTD. , plans a total investment of 1. 5 billion yuan, annual output of 250000 high-grade combed yarn spindle ruyi spinning project, the project located in dongying city industry xinjiang production works and an important breakthrough, after the full production operation of the project, can realize the annual sales of 600 million yuan, pay tax 50 million yuan, to solve the local employment of more than 1200 people, it also become shule county's largest employment projects. Li Ningping said in his speech, kashgar, unique location, rich resources, is the cotton production regions, in 2016 the whole area of cotton planting area of 6. 1 million mu, raw cotton output was 1. 2 million tons. In recent years, the prefectural party committee, area based on the situation, and constantly optimize planting benefit, to develop the cotton spinning industry, actively undertake industrial transfer, from xinjiang platform, accelerate cotton base construction, has achieved obvious results. Ruyi smoothly to fall to the ground and put into operation, intelligent textile science and technology projects, is the shandong provincial party committee, the provincial and autonomous region party committee, the government implement the central spirit of work in xinjiang symposium, xinjiang work conference spirit, promote the industry of xinjiang's pragmatic; Ruyi is responded to an appeal by the state, actively participate in all the way 'area' of the construction of the strategic layout; Kashgar is important milestone in the development of textile and clothing industry. He hopes that shandong ruyi and construction units, high standard, high quality management, complete the construction task on schedule, with good quality to make project quality engineering, quality engineering, green engineering, for the benefit of people of all ethnic groups, to promote kashgar new contributions to social stability and security.
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