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Don't just stare at the xinjiang cotton do not underestimate the mainland - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-10
Early, hebei people's government issued 'about establish food production function and the important agricultural production area of the implementation opinions', according to the national unification deployment requirements, strive for in 3 years time to complete national distribution issued 45 million mu area of grain production in hebei province and the important agricultural production area 3 million mu ( Cotton 3 million mu) The work, do it all by inputting tent card, above inventory, realizing the informatization and precision management; Strive to use 5 years to complete task 'and' construction, keep the grain and cotton production capacity basically stable. In recent years, the mainland cotton acreage fell sharply in a row, according to the national cotton market monitoring system, according to data from 2017 cotton planting area in hebei province in 329 only. 30000 acres. Although the domestic cotton production pattern is clear, mainly in xinjiang, the Yellow River and the Yangtze river basin is complementary. But some industry insiders call for mainland, in order to ensure the supply quantity and quality of cotton, stabilize the supply and demand of domestic cotton, suggest to inland cotton support, after all, still have a lot of land suitable for planting in mainland can use, it also calls for more cotton. Cotton as a major agricultural products, although recent seed cotton purchase prices continued weakness, if still no improvement, late may affect the annual cotton planting enthusiasm, but the 'opinions' in hebei province, guarantee the cotton planting area in hebei province, the news release, also to a certain extent, inspired the farmers grow enthusiasm. It is understood that most farmers all want their own, the protected area is zoned into production cotton, now the support policy implemented, delimit the cotton production in hebei province to protect area of 3 million mu, plus farmers own efforts, through the scientific planting and management, the accurate, cotton production capacity has been further guaranteed in hebei province, China cotton tomorrow will be even more wonderful.
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