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Domestic yarn and the transition of time and space of imported yarn - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
The old saying '10 years of hedong, 10 years of hexi', as the domestic cotton prices fell further, import yarn gradually lost its former glory, in the past few years the passive situation and change to come over. So-called the gyrations, look at port imported yarn inventory now domestic yarn should have more than enough. On March 6, 2017, national cotton reserves formal wheel, it has been 5 weeks, due to domestic commodity cotton supply is adequate, national cotton reserves round out the sell-through rate did not continue to remain high, while the spot market price is relatively strong, but influenced by factors at home and abroad and linkage, national cotton reserves out of the floor price continues to fall, this week's round of the base price down to 15381 yuan/ton. According to the national cotton market monitoring system, according to the march monthly report released as of March 31, 2017, the national cotton prices B index for 15935 yuan/ton, the cotton index ( M) For 15413 yuan/ton, cotton prices in India for 15130 yuan/ton, Pakistan cotton for 13906 yuan/ton. From the above prices, poor cotton prices narrowed at home and abroad, won the market space for domestic yarn. According to Chinese customs statistics released by the 1-2016 In December, China's total imports cotton yarn, 197. 210000 tons; Total exports 34. 940000 tons, year-on-year growth of 3. 70%. In 2015 our country imported cotton 234. 520000 tons, domestic yarn enhanced gradually, the advantages of imported yarn number in the fall. In march, according to the monthly report as of March 31, 32 Chinese combed pure cotton yarn price 23780 yuan/ton, 32 India's cotton combed yarn price 25333 yuan/ton, Vietnam 32 pure cotton combed yarn price 23928 yuan/ton, Indonesia 32 combed pure cotton yarn price 23847 yuan/ton. Visible, under the condition of cotton costs were similar, China textile efficiency advantage stand out, especially compared with India, cotton yarn, the price was 1500 yuan/tons, less yarn spreads with Vietnam in 100 yuan/ton. And the two countries are export of Chinese cotton yarn. It is reported that China's long-term exposure to low a gauze and Pakistan cotton yarn market impact high count in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, etc. All of 2016 China's import Indian cotton yarn line 41. Year-over-year 60000 tons, in 40. 8%. 1-2016 Import yarn 62 Vietnam in December. 50000 tons, the total imports reached $104. 10000 tons, occupy the half. Now the two countries' cotton prices higher than China, plus domestic yarn technology and quality advantages, in accordance with the situation continues to develop like this, and imported yarn will suffer huge pressure. 32 cotton, for example, in accordance with the 1:1. 05, the proportion of cotton, if 2017 cotton imports can be reduced by half, so domestic cotton will increase more than 50, ten thousand tons, equivalent to nearly a month's worth of imports at home. In the cotton production at home and abroad after the high price of labor, the domestic cotton yarn did live a easy life.
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