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Development project of fancy yarn

by:Chengyi     2021-06-29

The fancy yarn has a special structure, different shapes, various colors and special decorative properties. Various fabrics woven with fancy yarns are beautiful, novel, elegant, comfortable, soft and unique. They are very popular in recent years and have been widely used in clothing, decoration, and industrial products.

With its flexible colors and changeable yarn structure, it expresses the unique three-dimensional relief of clothing and clothing, which makes clothing noble, soft, rich, three-dimensional, natural and beautiful, and meets people's needs for fashion life and individual clothing. pursue. At present, more and more fancy yarns are used for fashion fabrics.

The fancy thread can be applied to all walks of life, and its development itself is a systematic project. Every textile design worker is subject to professional limitations, it is impossible to understand comprehensively, but he must be as comprehensive as possible before he can become a good pioneer. Yarn, as a semi-waste product in the previous consumption of textile products, is not only related to the efficiency of the downstream consumption of fabrics but also determines the quality, functionality, level and appearance of the fabric.

As a rising star of the textile industry, the fancy yarn and fabric industry is the key to improving the added value of textiles and the competitiveness of enterprises. It is important for fiber raw materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, textile design, clothing, home textiles and industries. The development of textiles plays an important role and is an important aspect of the development and technological level of the textile industry.

In the spinning process, the core thread is divided into upper core thread and lower core thread. They are unwound from the bobbin under the action of the traction roller and are fed together. Under the action of the roller sheet and the spacer sheet, the upper and lower core wires are placed on both sides of the feather yarn, and they are both in the middle position of the feather yarn.

The feather yarn is composed of two or three single yarns. The single yarn is unwound from the bobbin and twisted with the high-speed rotation of the rotary head, which increases the bundling of the feather yarn; at the same time, it is wound on the spacer to form the yarn The loop, the yarn loop slides down with the rotation of the rollerblade, and when the blade is cut into short feathers, these short feathers are sent to the control roller along with the upper core line and assembled with the lower core line. In this way, the feather yarn is sandwiched between the two cores and enters the twisting zone.

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