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by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
Last week, 18 - 22) Impact of the sino-us trade outlook pessimistic, zheng cotton suddenly collapsed, market cloudy and gloomy mood. Yarn market overall downturn, purchasing raw materials carefully. Cotton material. On November 20th, sino-us trade agreement may not be able to finish this year first stage pessimism leads to ICE futures fell sharply. Zheng cotton futures in under the influence of outside dish has fallen nearly 500 yuan/ton, on November 22, CF2001 lowest price 12650 yuan/ton. Volume 420514, 561876 holdings hands. XinJiangMian picking is complete, seed cotton offer overall stabilisation, 37 - of northern xinjiang Clothing extension pick cotton purchase price has fallen to 38% 5. 1 - 5. 2 yuan/kg. Southern xinjiang aksu and kashi recorded 38 - Break up 39% garment picking cotton also dropped to 6. 0 yuan/kg or so. According to jiangsu, shandong and henan textile mills, traders feedback, the current regulation of northern xinjiang library & other; Double 29 & throughout; ( 31 or 41) The male heavy quotation 13200 - to pick up the goods 13350 yuan/ton, & other Double 28 & throughout; Pick up cotton machine and heavy quotation 13000 - to pick up the goods 13100 yuan/ton. In addition, affected by the national round into the national cotton reserves, many cotton ginning mill in xinjiang into the store will stronger. Seed cotton purchase and marketing in the Yellow River is still in the doldrums, seed cotton prices dropped slightly, tertiary ChanMian quotation near 13000 yuan/ton. Other raw materials. Smooth polyester staple fiber around the price low, individual small down. On November 24, 1 in one power plant of fujian. Direct spinning polyester staple 4 d * 38 mm price 6850 yuan/ton, fell 50 yuan/ton, sales, clinch a deal the small talks. Viscose staple fiber prices stabilised, 1 in one power plant in shandong province. 5 d * 38 mm of viscose staple at 10500 yuan/ton, 1. 2 d * 38 mm of viscose staple at 10500 yuan/ton, from flat, the actual clinch a deal can be discuss. Pure cotton yarn. Recently, textile enterprises around the machine to maintain stable. In addition, because the market is difficult to a massive improvement, downstream spinning factory to inventory pressure is generally larger. According to the feedback, the history. the area fabric inventory is still more than 37 days, and as the autumn/winter fabric shipment coming to an end, manufacturer production enthusiasm also gradually reduced. The cotton yarn producers go goods generally not ideal, also maintain stable prices. On November 24, shandong, hebei and other places, the comb 21 s, 32 s, 40 s price respectively is 19200 yuan/ton, 20500 yuan/ton, 21700 yuan/ton, little change from the previous week. At present, the main GeChang pressure from orders and cash collection. Other yarn. Recent polyester yarn price stabilized. On November 24, hebei shijiazhuang polyester yarn in 32 s plant at 10800 yuan/ton ( No tax factory) To one factory, shandong yarn this 17500 yuan/ton ( Tax ex-factory price) Sales were flat, annulus, fair, big can negotiate according to quantity. Import yarn. Since mid-november, the OE8S - 8 s - OE16S yarn, Pakistan 16 s siro spinning such as low a gauze inquiry, delivery fell more and more apparent, the reason is that sino-us trade negotiations again stalemate, our country spinning clothing exports to Europe and the United States fell momentum is obvious, the impact strength of the enterprise. At present, the port logistics zone, bonded area outside the yarn inventory in a line 80000 tons.
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