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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Recently, the cotton lines north zhu na, President of the association of a line in bazhou area research, visited the company has carried on the exchange and the relevant matters, investigators learned FangQi operation condition is good, in the strong support of the central and the layers and go into their own, bazhou area in the construction of several large spinning project is in an orderly way, currently built project about 2. 8 million pounds, by the day, bazhou area around nissan 600 tons of yarn. Bazhou jinfu, is early spinning xinjiang bazhou area project, project positioning for airflow and part of the vortex spinning viscose yarn, the main raw material sources for bazhou local fulida viscose, each about 10000 head air spinning workshop, after recent years of construction, has seven production workshop, nissan 300 ~ 350 tons of viscose yarn, product with 10 ~ 30 yarn is given priority to, the current sales situation is good. Always said, the end of the year 10 workshop will be put into production, nissan yarn will reach 500 tons. Richly nylon, zhongtai chemical xinjiang project with suzhou shock black silk ribbon, strong financial strength and project professionals with the great strides to project construction, the research group at the end of last year to research also is only take shape, is now producing more than 180 tons of viscose yarn, shen total introduction, rich black silk ribbon not only planning air spinning, vortex spinning, is planning a 420000 pounds of ring spinning project, has now entered the stage of equipment installation, the contrast in the most advanced winding coupon will be put into production. Two emerging textile, is located in the corps, division 29 regiment iron door shut, lanxi, zhejiang textile enterprises xinjiang project, along with the advancement of the project, the emerging textile not only revitalize the poor management of the mill from a local 40000 pounds, and lasted more than a year on the gobi desert flash has built a new factory, 100000 ingot size is producing more than 30 tons of yarn. A large part of that use worker worker is minority factory workers. “ Although at present there are some difficulties in language communication, ethnic minority staff are kind and honest, easy going & throughout; Zhou always said. All the silk road, the total planning is 6 million pounds. Korla base built 1 million spinning project, seven workshops, all, after the production of yarn can be nissan 500 tons, is currently the no. 2 workshop have been put into production, the investigators see, litai very high degree of automation equipment, work environment is comfortable, far less strength than traditional spinning mill. Zhang said the company although investment increases slightly, but for the staff to create a higher quality of work life space! By visiting, we see that the bazhou area of spinning project there are a few things in common: 1, large enterprises to enter: this several spinning enterprises in the mainland have been a successful business, with the combination of state-owned listed companies to further improve the project their own ability to resist risk, have the ability to deal with policy variables; 2, building a high starting point, several projects are equipped with international and domestic first-class spinning equipment, will effectively ensure the quality of yarn, talent, investors many industry experts were brought in to push forward construction of the project; 3, long-term planning and the market is closely linked, bazhou government departments also fully recognize the total control consciousness, to make every project to the ground to take root, and healthy growth must control the total amount, to evade homogeneity competition, gradually introduced after the industry, not only can improve the local conversion, can further promote employment, it is understood that the local government is investigating the weaving industry after targeted local support policy! 4, raw material supply is fixed: both cotton and viscose, bazhou area spinning enterprise basic it is fixed-point procurement agreement, along with it to buy, much raw material inventory is low. According to the enterprise project management, reflect, head of last year some subsidies exist implementation does not reach the designated position or procedures multifarious, the phenomenon such as hysteresis, hope relevant departments can be further improved. Bazhou korla, as one of the tri-cities tri-cities seven park a center, is also an epitome of the development of xinjiang textile nearly two years, wish bazhou and xinjiang textile has a bright future, continue to the frontier employment stability glows!
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