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4 - August India's cotton yarn exports to China increased 51% year-on-year Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
The Indian rupee and strong demand for foreign support, India cotton prices remain strong. At present, China's demand for Indian cotton rebounded sharply, mainly by the Indian cotton yarn prices in dollar terms, further boosting China's demand for Indian cotton yarn. According to statistics, over the past seven days, the S - 6 cotton prices to decline to 46800 rupees 100 rupees/candesartan, or 0. 24 21%, year-on-year growth. 8%. Punjab province, cotton prices down 1 rupees to 226 rupees ($/ kg, or 0. 4%, 30 s pure cotton knitting yarn price stability in 3. The euro dollar/kg. Exports, since July, India cotton export prices fell 90 cents, or nearly 25%. Over the past seven days, 30 s pure cotton combed yarn export prices fell 10 cents to 2. Eight dollars/kg, fell by 3. 5%. Pure cotton yarn exports to China of the 32 s CNF price down 4 cents to 2. Around $75 / kg, the past has fallen 14 cents. According to India, according to official figures - 4 India in August to China cotton yarn exports year-on-year growth of 51%, exports increased more than twice. Exports to Vietnam but unexpectedly low growth. Think India market, international demand this year will be India's strong support conditions of cotton prices remain high, even if India cotton production. According to understand, as this year's minimum support prices MSP rising and the advantageous conditions of monsoon, India cotton planting area increased, cotton yields will rise sharply. Due to the current market price is still higher than the lowest price support MSP, therefore CCI acquisition has yet to start.
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