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2018 national cotton reserves round out | trade enterprise transaction accounts for less than 50% cotton - late Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-06-18
At present, the national cotton reserves round out is smoothly, different from the early 2017 rings out before, 2018 auction enterprise performance is relatively rational, textile enterprises bidding quantity slightly higher than the trade enterprises. As of March 21, the textile enterprises bidding national cotton reserves total 8. 660000 tons, accounting for more than 52%, 8 trade enterprises. 100000 tons, accounting for more than 48%. But the total volume in the first 10 enterprises are trade enterprises, in which three trade enterprise turnover of more than 4000 tons, the highest volume of 4162 tons. Textile enterprises the highest volume of 2753 tons, the 11th. As of March 21, the bidding enterprise clinch a deal the weight proportion according to trade enterprises, the cotton on the market at present is relatively abundant, national cotton reserves price advantage, sales pressure increase of the crop. Reserve XinJiangMian bidding price is higher, especially the corps cotton, part of the reserves XinJiangMian clinch a deal the price very little difference between the spot price of the crop, reflect the characteristics of the current market on cotton quality, poor quality indicators of national cotton reserves, traders in the late sales into consideration, is more cautious. According to understand, traders on the afternoon of cotton prices more optimistic, think the processing cost of the crop will support the spot price, in the national cotton reserves to inventory orderly, cotton inventory pressure will gradually ease, in the case of cotton consumption is relatively stable, cotton supply and demand gap exists objectively in our country, so the long term, prices in the anticipated direction.
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