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by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
BaoLei repeatedly since the outbreak, the capital market, stock several fuse, zheng cotton was below 10000, before a few days ago the crude oil fell again is negative, also live for a long time to see. In the first quarter, GDP is down 6 at home. 8%. Various industries have suffered different degrees of hit, textile industry in a short period of time is also difficult to quickly recover better, yarn market continued weakness, factory pressure increase, the market demand is still weak. In the process of to the enterprise to understand, mills quipped, many people are doing mask, no order in the market. Said that a manufacturer of stagnant export base, severe epidemic abroad, export sales in June at the earliest start, began to recover. But now, sale in domestic market situation is not good, knitting and denim varieties are not satisfactory. Spring and summer clothing, digested slowly, co pressure goods inventory, knitting factory open probability is low, relative to the cotton price, demand and orders are the main causes of reference in foshan. The supplier mentality is relatively strong, reflect the market now, all the varieties fragmented not sell like hot cakes specification. Downstream manufacturers are basically just need to buy, according to reflect the situation of upstream and downstream, the continued lack of market orders, manufacturers pressure is bigger, inventory backlog of serious, lead to decline in product prices also quickly, the current market price is also more chaos, clinch a deal the real single still can talk, even so, the market is still slow, each manufacturer money pressure is becoming more and more obvious. The situation in the textile industry each link, to different extent limit production and shift gradually increased, some manufacturers even directly on holiday. Terminal apparel, home textile, etc. , in order to clear the inventory, have also started to broadcast, at a discount, to repatriate funds, in order to alleviate the pressure. The intermediate links of FangQi only at a price war for orders, keep production.
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