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Yarn: inside and outside as rising period - 'red envelopes' market Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
For nearly half a month, no matter domestic or imported cotton yarn and cotton yarn, Inside dish, outside dish) Sound is higher, Pakistan, Vietnam yarn, yarn yarn yarn in India and Indonesia, central Asia yarn without exception offer upward, guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang, Qingdao port bonded, clearance cotton rally, traders rised, sell high mood is heavy. The industry analysis, on the one hand, the recent domestic 40 s and the following quotation of combed yarn cotton rose broadly - 300 500 yuan/ton, high comb, combed yarn price surged 500 - 1000 yuan/ton, traders and other Appetite & throughout; Suspended high, price gains followed by domestic yarn; On the other hand imports cotton yarn FOB, CIF, CNF price continues to rise, holding cash or sign & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Traders profit rise obviously, pretty confident. Caused by ICE futures increases spinning cost, higher production costs and the first phase of China and the United States trade agreement of positive effects, such as India, Vietnam and other countries shipment cotton mills sight, 3/4 month offer open the rapid rebound in succession rhythm ( According to statistics, one week Pakistan 20 s, 30 s, combed yarn export price rose 0. 7 $/ kg, 0. $10 / kg) 。 Reflect some cotton traders, although many coastal areas weaving mill, garment factories, foreign trade companies have gradually entered the holiday and rest, but the first round of cotton, cotton yarn, grey cloth rally came as a surprise; Coupled with the free trade agreement between China and Pakistan in the next few weeks to the second stage of the formal implementation, buyers & other; Buy or not to buy up & throughout; Recent offshore yuan and a strong rebound, in 2020, or will be out of the market, such as a wave of appreciation since early December India and Pakistan, Vietnam yarn, yarn enquiry and clinch a deal the rising in central Asia, opening round & other; The lunar New Year gift & throughout; Market and the downstream enterprises, intermediary to 2 / march production inventory or hoarding stay up the enthusiasm of pick up. According to the shandong zibo, weifang and nantong, jiangsu province, changzhou dealer feedback, half a month to cotton bonded and clearance inventory continues to decrease ( OE yarn, C20S - especially in Pakistan Clinch a deal C32S yarn active) , C16S, high C21S BaoPiao yarn even phased tight supply. A trader to send first round cotton yarn & other A red envelope & throughout; Quotation preparation; The second is to stock up enterprises hold the goods sell, first sales enthusiasm is not high.
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