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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
Yancheng, jiangsu province, north jiangsu coastal plain of the vast tidal flats is developed of arable land, thirty or forty years ago is the inland major cotton producing areas in jiangsu province and even in China, is the 'half' of jiangsu cotton. Dafeng their jurisdiction area is in the early 1990 s first implementation to the national per capita in the country and sell to the mainland ChanMian key county of lint. In that period, in under the guidance of the party's reform and opening up policy, cotton production and marketing market by SMC unified purchase and marketing to open up. So, yancheng cotton 'thousands and thousands', buy cotton from large enterprises to brokers, business number to calculate more. Textile industry, once only offer liberation front soldiers 'of' huainan first, second, cotton clothing, gradually develop a large number of diversified ownership of textile enterprises large and small. Jet, an arrow, automatic winding, combing, blending, color spinning and so on craft products, has a company to mass produce a small woven, almost county, the county has provincial textile town. However, since the end of last century after the first pilot country after full liberalisation of cotton market, yancheng also like other inland cotton, from now on on the road to market regulation, production and marketing business break shuffling in the spring tide of market economy. From the end of last century to the 2011 - In a large city of cotton, 2013 'roller coaster' after the storm, a large number of cotton purchase experience death trial, textile enterprises or individual operators, in just a few degrees after market volatility, jiangsu yancheng holds in today's XiaoFang enterprise is less than half of the peak, especially dafeng, reflected light, dongtai, salt, some of the family cottage XiaoFang factory closed. Has declined each year since 2015, yancheng cotton acreage, cotton purchase industry subsequently disappeared, there are many original foundation good textile enterprise retained down in every market impact. Look from the running situation of recent years, more than yancheng FangQi to survive in the majority, enterprise management benefit is not so good. In 2019, jiangsu yancheng continued planting area decline, crop of cotton planting in charge later, distributed fragmentation production mode is given priority to, acquisitions can't focus on the overall situation. The throttle is not far from the 'frost', should have strong purchase market is limited by the shortage of production resources, has yet to open, can only rely on private businessmen MianFan ZouCunChuanHu LingCun more, and then sold to investigate enterprises or FanXiao to long distance. Cotton begin business at the beginning of the offer are changing, some buy-out firms although it is difficult to receive the cotton, but the concern to the cotton city, foreign quotation has been adjusted, and its direction is the early days of the 'low open low go' should be predicted. In October 2019, yancheng district 3128 b level seed cotton 2 quotation. 85 yuan/kg, the price 2 begin business. 90 yuan/jin down 0. 05 - 0. 10 yuan/kg. And, because the cotton price instability, expected this price is also one day. In addition, local cotton by-product price also is not stable, especially the main products of cotton seed, cotton oil price instability, elusive, enterprise can only short-term operations, raw materials, products are no large inventories. Like cotton and cotton by-product market, yancheng textile market. Because the falling of raw material, some companies can not grasp the afternoon go to, had to hug the valuable order driving textiles. For some copy of the purchased raw materials more FangQi or during the first half of June and July, the pressure in the heart, as the market quotations, the old inventory on cotton production product sales obviously cannot cantango, the market is so sensitive, swimming, with downstream, textile companies only do small orders, is the key to 'not stumble'. Learned, yancheng dafeng, reflected light, nantong and other numerous XiaoFang factory in north jiangsu, the current drive rate and output few at full capacity, the back orders has long have short, quantity batch have greatly small, looked every driving, but the scale of production, quantity and variety. Although the current low cotton prices less likely, but few companies dare pressure does the product inventory to stay up. Comprehensive analysis, the production of landslide, dimension reduction, buying and selling of represents the trend of the cotton yancheng city, jiangsu province. Because cotton planting places don't account for the main varieties, cotton derivative industry is also 'alexopoulos'. Industry analysis, if there is no good China cotton production and the support of the New Deal, unfavorable situation will continue, production and sales of folk there is also the old man is engaged in the production, in order to solve a an 'applied', for the purpose of producing marks disappear naturally.
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