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Wusu chang MAO textile phase ii - annual output of 50000 pieces of air spinning project goes into operation Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
The heart net news ( The correspondent Zhang Zudong BaoShiQiang) August 29 morning, xinjiang wusu chang MAO textile co. , LTD held the second phase of annual output of 50000 pieces of air spinning project completed and put into operation. In 2015, the xinjiang wusu continue to speed up the development of textile industry, based on the trade of textile industry economy, promoting employment, thus further improving the capacity of the sustainable development of the textile industry, promote the local employment rate to rise. This year, xinjiang wusu chang MAO textile co. , LTD invested more than 7000 ten thousand yuan to build 50000 ingot phase ii air spinning cotton expansion project, the construction of factory building area of 7000 square meters, 10 sets of air spinning equipment imported from Switzerland. Ground-broken projects on March 10, 140 completed and put into operation. Since the project put into production, the company leading the local employment reached more than 220 people, has developed into a tacheng prefecture, xinjiang region of textile enterprises leading enterprises. It is reported that xinjiang wusu chemical industrial park has chang MAO, jin peng, new shengda, xinyuan, starlight cotton and linen, peak 6 cotton spinning enterprises, among them, chang MAO and jin peng has completed a total of 100000 ingot of cotton, is expected to build the park at the end of 2015 annual production capacity of 380000 pieces cotton, new employment in more than 500 people.
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