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by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
According to customs statistics, China imported 190000 tons of cotton yarn in March 2020, compared with the flat; 2020 1 quarter of China's total import 470000 tons of cotton yarn, just below the same period in 2019 0. 60000 tons, fell 1. 26%; 2019/20 ( 2019. 9 - 2020. 3) Accumulative total imported 1. 1 million tons of cotton yarn, reduce 110000 tons, from the same period a year 2018/19 fell 9. 09%. If only from the data, 1-2020 March cotton import traders, weaving enterprises in our country by new crown outbreak impact is not big and even can be ignored. One quarter of Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, uzbekistan, etc is still a major source of cotton, but the value of note is that India and Pakistan are implemented for 2 months & other; Seal, seal throughout the province &; Production of textile mill and the port of shipment & other; Half the lockout & throughout; State ( Pakistan's punjab and sindh & other; Throughout the city & sealing; ) In march, so the import cotton yarn, yarn in Indonesia, Thailand Vietnam in proportion increased. According to statistics, Vietnam exported yarn 15 March. 250000 tons, yoy increase 4. 5%, year-on-year increase in 5. 7%, and the main growth came from China. In the Spring Festival, the new outbreak factors such as traders, weaving and garment enterprises large delay, 2 - funds for return to work and production March export orders continued to cancel or delay the execution, why march cotton imports still maintain a high level? Industry analysis mainly has the following several factors: one is to consider cotton yarn production cycle is long, most of India, Pakistan and other cotton needs 2 - ahead of schedule 3 months order ( Vietnam mills usually 1 - ahead of time 2 months) In march, so the arrival, imports of cotton yarn contract period focused on 12 - In January, when both traders and weaving, clothing, foreign trade companies for the first half of 2020 cotton, cotton textile market expectations ( The first stage of China and the United States trade agreement & other; The ground & throughout; ) , all set & other; Put on more steam rolled up his sleeves & throughout; , for cotton yarn signing enthusiasm is high; From the time point of view, since March 25, India & other; The sealing & throughout; , only two provinces of Pakistan outbreak is heavier, cotton yarn production and delivery is not affected by too much, so for 3 months to arrive at the port of India, Pakistan, yarn, little influence on delivery, the implementation of the contract; Will be 4 - real impact In June; With Japan and South Korea and other European countries export blocked, Vietnam mills more buyers quotation, exports to China. March begins to Asian countries due to blockade, European and American countries a full-blown epidemic in succession, so cotton import data drop will lag behind, a few months after import data to estimate will be unreadable.
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