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What to do - traditional off-season pure polyester yarn market movements Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Enter may be affected by macro bad PX price dip, together with polyester factory production and marketing of light, PTA market fell sharply; Early PTA are supported by giant repurchase spot remains strong, polyester staple fiber or slower, and affected by the weak profits and inventory increase enterprises began to perform part of production operation, the early market prices overall decline is not great. But, after the middle of the PTA in the polyester production and its high processing affect the opening down the road, cost of polyester staple fiber market decline began to expand collapsed, affected by the news recently, PX prices driven polyester production and marketing, PTA prices or supported by a certain; But were usually terminal, downstream replenishment operation remains cautious, polyester rebound appear unsustainable production and sales, the slow process of polyester staple fiber market to inventory, the average inventory is still around half moon, polyester staple fiber and cotton mill in the context of its own stock on the high side purchasing power is relatively limited, the market price gamla up resistance is bigger, taken together, the short-term polyester short supplier still give priority to in order to advance shipment, price rebound lack of motivation, recent market or stabilization. The sluggish economic environment combined with the grey market tends to saturation, loom probability declines in 3 - open 4, now the national integrated loom machine 66. 78% from the previous month in 7. 4%, among which the composite machine in 83% of air jet loom, open fell 7% from the previous month, water jet loom operating at an average of 77. 33%, the open probability in 12 month. 7%, among which the wu jiang district water jet loom machine for 72. 6%. Most companies shipping department there are 48 - 65 days between, a handful of fabric inventory - 80 90 days; Great circle loom integrated machine this week fell to a low level near 40%, fell 8% last month, circular machine overall probability differentiation is still very big. As the cloth into the domestic, southern and central China supply market leads to the constant compression FangQi cash flow, verge losses, some small knitting factory was forced to shut down; Combined with the $200 billion listing of goods imported from China of imposing a tariff rate from 10% to 25%, this factor continues to bad foreign trade order in the market, especially will force the purchaser order to southeast Asia and other places, traders cautious purchasing. According to usual practice, in May after weaving gradually into the off-season, the lack of overall orders late and finished goods inventory is higher will be negative for pure polyester yarn market together. Comprehensive above, raw material end pull up resistance combined with the larger demand end negative, pure polyester yarn market price focus continue downward trend. The pure polyester yarn inventory pressure larger, focusing on the shipment under the total reduction offer 1000 - most of this month 1200, downstream continued weak, real single strategy to a single debate, more low price increased; Changle area T32S mainstream discussions focus on at present is 12000 - 12300, offer a slightly higher 12500; Joinville region knitted, woven and pure polyester yarn T32S ( Dahua chemiacl) No tax mainstream negotiating concentrated in the 11300 - 11500; West region woven with ring spun russsian T21S tax factory focused on 11700 - quotation 11900; Rugao area industrial russsian T16S tax ex-factory price on 11700 - 11800. Downstream to buy enough power that make price promotion orders and inventory of easing effect is limited, yarn prices, on average, stock inventory for 21 days; Careful condition for June market expectations, the pessimism is thicker, but considering the recent PTA process cost compressed to 800 and polyester staple profit space compression within 150, most of the polyester staple fiber enterprises have to losses, some even intended to expand production, so there is a support at the bottom of the raw material market; But the downstream demand is still weak, raw material market pull up resistance is bigger, the recent market is expected to shipment or stability is given priority to, in June will continue downward trend. ( Unit: yuan/ton)
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