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What should I do once I receive nightlights glow in the dark yarn imperfections?
Huizhou Chengyi Textile Co., Ltd. has set up some regulations and plans to deal with such an issue. Once you receive the glow in the dark yarn and find it imperfect, please notify us the first time. Chengyi has a tracking process for the finished products that are exported. It means that we can find relevant records in the shortest time, find a suitable solution, and develop corresponding measures to effectively prevent those problems from happening again. Every procedure will be checked on by our QC inspectors to find out what leads to the problem. Once the cause is confirmed, we will make compensation or seek other measures to satisfy you.

Chengyi is a professional manufacturer and exporter of brushed acrylic yarn, concerned with the design, development, and production for many years. The sequin yarn series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. To prove the safety of Chengyi knitting yarn with sequins, several quality tests have been conducted by our QC team such as microbiological, toxicology, stability tests. This product has no variations in colors. our company can guarantee free technical support for our sequin yarn. This product features delicate edges and dense stitches.

As the expression of our team to clients, sequin yarn is the belief of it. Contact us!
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