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what is the difference between digital printing and offset printing?

by:Chengyi     2020-06-10
Offset printing is a widely used printing technology in which images are transferred from plates to rubber sheets and then to the printing surface.
The technology was inspired by the print format.
Offset printing provides a large amount of print output and high quality results. It is cost-
However, it works when the volume is larger, and when the volume is more hours.
The emerging Digital printing has its unique features, making it very popular and in great demand.
The basic difference between digital printing and offset printing is that the former does not need printing.
Digital files process files directly from a computer to inkjet or laser digital printers for printing.
The advantages of digital printing the advantages of offset printing the comparison of various aspects of digital printing and offset printing is different from the offset printing, color separation and plate making that are not needed in digital printing.
However, in order to achieve excellent results in color digital printing, color calibration and the use of color guidelines for printing must be performed.
There are many advantages of digital printing compared to offset printing, but offset printing will remain until the day when digital printing machines and materials become more affordable.
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