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What is the area of hubei ZhiJiang cotton subsidy policy did not fulfil cut flat Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
March is the cotton were BeiBo of season, but so few people can bring cotton in hubei ZhiJiang enthusiasm. Silver cotton industry information center learned that cotton cotton enthusiasm sharply there are mainly three reasons: one is the last seed cotton purchase price low; Second, compared with the other crops of cotton, profit disparity is too big; Third, subsidy policy implementation does not reach the designated position. During the investigation, many cotton farmers have reduced the intentions of cotton this year. Zhijiang city seven sets of xinglong village in the town of LouShiFu planted last year 10 acres of cotton, only going to grow this year 3 acres. LouShiFu revealed that last year cotton price is too low, also can sell on 3 yuan/jin, later the price is more and more low, net profit but about 1000 yuan per mu. But grow vegetables is different, cauliflower, for example, can achieve 3000 - broccoli yield per acre 4000 jins, priced at 3 yuan/jin, basic and cotton prices were flat, white food price in 1. 5 - 1. 6 yuan/kg, and cauliflower costs only 2000 yuan per acre, planting broccoli net profit to RMB $7000 - 10000 yuan. At the same time grow vegetables 3 - every year 4 season, growing period, less manual, LouShiFu said local cotton acreage or down 40% this year. Besides cotton growing profit is low, the survey found 70% cotton farmers have said last year cotton subsidies and more vague. ZhiJiang GuJiaDian Town Yang Dajie unhappy about this, 'why I planted cotton and those without any kind of cotton can get cotton filling, it's not fair. 'Yang Dajie heard about cotton subsidies after the event, this time for the seek advice to the village committee, told the village cadres, cotton subsidies will not separate, but with food subsidies, the average allocation, each spanning. Yang Dajie revealed that last year the total land area of 9 acres, five acres of cotton, four mu of wheat and corn, get all the allowance is 800 yuan, the cotton and food subsidies also don't know how much is respectively. At the same time, tangyan CaoBuHu dong teacher also said subsidies in local cotton and rice, along with all the subsidies 150 yuan per mu. At present, the cotton subsidies policy has not yet come, hubei province, the cotton farmers abandon cotton intention, hope relevant departments can determine to carry out the relevant policy as soon as possible.
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