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What does yarn 32s mean?

by:Chengyi     2021-06-30

We know that length is often described by a ruler in China, but there are ever-changing standards, and the common standard is inches.

Yarn, like other goods, also requires a measurement standard, which is different from domestic measurement standards. The 32S here stands for 32 British counts, which is the standard for yarn thickness, which is more common in China. The value of 'S' is inversely proportional to the thickness of the yarn. The higher the 'S' value, the thinner the yarn; otherwise, the thicker the yarn. Cotton, viscose staple fibers, and synthetic fibers blended with them are all expressed in the English branch (S). Inch count (fixed weight system): The length of a fiber or yarn with a unit weight (1 pound u003d 453.6 grams) at regular moisture regain (in English system) is a multiple of 840 yards (1 yard u003d 0.9144 meters).

A few 840 yards are a few yarns in the British system. (Often expressed as Ne). Yarn count is the thickness of the yarn, and its representation methods include D, Nm, Tex, Dtex, etc. The commonly used method of expression is the male count (Nm). The Nm metric count refers to the multiple of the length of 1 gram of yarn at given moisture regain, which means that 1 gram of yarn is exactly one meter long as 1 (male). Count yarn, 1 gram weight yarn length is 200 meters long, yarn fineness is 200 counts.

The metric count is also a fixed weight system, so the larger the count, the thinner the yarn. For another example, Nm2/26 is 26 double-strands, which is equivalent to 13 meters of 1 gram of yarn. In the flat knitting machine, a 12-needle device is commonly used for single wool feeding.

Fancy Yarn Let's talk about the conversion formula between British and public counts. After all, it is still used in work. 1 British branch u003d 1.693 public branches. Or 1 British branch u003d public branch/0.583. Because of the integration of trade, many people often use S to define cashmere when they ask about cashmere. In fact, it is just confusing. The commonly used cashmere is 26Nm. When someone asks about 26S cashmere At the time, it is enough to be able to clearly understand that the actual 12-needle cashmere yarn is woven.

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