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Strong influence the spun yarn elongation of several major elements - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
The influencing factors of yarn strength, elongation is mainly composed of yarn, fiber properties and yarn structure two aspects of blended yarn is strong, the elongation and blended fiber and blended ratio is closely related to the nature of the differences, temperature, humidity and strength test conditions such as external cause influence on yarn strength, elongation, basically the same as the fiber. 1, the length of the fiber properties, linear density, fiber length is longer, the fiber is fine, the fiber yarn frictional resistance between the larger, not easy to slip, so high strength of the yarn. As fiber length uniformity is good, the fiber is fine and homogeneous, yarn evenness and the weak ring without significantly less, beneficial to the improvement of the yarn strength. Fiber strength: strong, large elongation, is strong, the elongation of the yarn is larger; Fiber strength, elongation, irregularity is small, the high strength of yarn. Fibre's surface friction performance: when the fiber surface friction coefficient & mu; Large in the resistance increases, sliding between fiber and slip length lc decreases, and slip the proportion of fiber to reduce, increase yarn strength. Improve the fiber crimp fibers can increase the number of sliding resistance. 2, yarn structure, 1) Short fiber yarn structure on its strong, elongation, mainly reflects on the twist. When the twist factor increases when the wood fibers increase friction resistance, not easy to slip, it is of short fiber yarn strength strong positive, but when the twist factor increases at the same time, along with fiber tilt is more and more big, the fibers in the yarn strength of effective component of the axial force is reduced, the yarn fiber fracture simultaneity, fiber tilted at the same time the yarn diameter increase is unfavorable factors of yarn relative strength. ( 2) The influence of the joint merger effect of single yarn made of strand ( plyyarn) And the uniform, and we have contact between single yarn, increase the force of the fibers of the outer layers of the single yarn; Strand strength is greater than the sum of all the single yarn strength. ( 3) Fiber rotor spun yarn in the arrangement form yarn strength is lower than that of ring spun yarn: yarn in rotor, folded in half, crimp and looped irregular arrangement fiber is more, the normal transfer of fiber is less, the fibers and the fibers and poor contact, stretching, slip more fiber. ( 4) Bulk yarn bulk yarn tensile fracture strength is smaller than traditional gauze, while the elongation at break. Structural characteristics: using the two kinds of thermal shrinkage of fibre blended much heat shrinkable processing, high shrinkage fiber yarn article fully retraction, at the same time forcing small heat shrinkage along the normal fiber yarn axial compression wrinkling, which appear in bulk properties. Burden of tensile fracture process: when the bulk yarn under tensile force of the fibrous root number is small, and the uneven tension of fiber. Began to stretch, only a small part of the fiber to undertake external forces and other fibre wrinkling relaxation. Present a kind of fiber is pulled, after a kind of fiber was straight and take the tensile force, until the whole fracture. ( 5) Yarn and stretch yarn depend on setting methods, make a spiral spring form or curls all fiber directional wrinkling curve. In the process of start stretching for quite some, in fact is under the condition of increasing tensile force is small fiber gradually straighten out, it has a high elongation at break.
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