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Strengthen the spinning equipment and operation management to reduce yarn hairiness - operation Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
To strengthen equipment management of drawing steel channel, article carding machine coil, a coarse bell mouth, set of elements such as the cotton is bright and clean, and wear degree; Yarn guide, bell, collection device, the yarn guide hock, separator, etc have burr, the groove: of the winding yarn bar, tension bowl, slotted drum electric qing guide ceramics wear tank, scraping the ground yarn, inappropriate position of safety cover tank automatic stop device failure can cause damage in yarn and increase friction, causing hairiness increase. In addition, drawing of tube deformation, TongKou edge is not smooth, improper article circle track shift blade touching each other; Spinning spindle is not vertical, the ring plate is not level, loose ring, fender, thread hook, ring and spindle different heart; Winding spindles askew, etc all can increase the yarn yarn hairiness. Therefore, in actual production, in order to strengthen the management of equipment, inspection equipment, strict equipment in channel & other; 3 without & throughout; ( The wall hanging, foreign bodies, no burr) Activities to ensure smooth yarn channel: pay attention to equipment maintenance and repair in time to keep the machinery in good condition, and is an important measure of reducing hairiness. In order to strengthen the management of running 1 spinning processing in the process of handling of semi-product and finished product storage, protection measures should be taken. Such as lap cloth, striped cover, roving tube yarn sets of plastic bags and so on, to improve the cop and the mode of transportation of the cone yarn, makes every effort to do it in the process of handling storage to reduce damage and friction of yarn. 2 strengthening operation management, standard operation behavior. Article is strictly forbidden to play high phenomenon, avoid the sliver and roving in the process of storage and transportation cause hair, hair hung: machinist should enforce lapped joint operation and improve the quality of lapped joints; Lapped, the movement wants specification, be careful not to touch the wool sliver and roving; Put yarn winding machinist joint, to accurate, forbidden line cutting groove tube burr damage injury. Above 3 workshop, the machine, the cleaning cycle of the ground and method cannot oversight, should strictly carry out cleaning operation procedures, especially the cleaning work to strengthen the machine channel, to prevent 'agglomeration on the surface of the roving that car roof and roving frame: to do the cleaning, pat, are forbidden to transfer', more can't use brush lapping yarn section, reduce fly enclosed, prevent artificial hairiness. 4 in the process of production, production scheduling management should be strengthened. In line with & other; Do use first & throughout; Principle, the reasonable arrangement of the products of the reserves, reduce costs, and reduce external fly enclosed, etc. , to reduce yarn hairiness. Spinning process to pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of varieties and the machine, as far as possible avoid count gap between varieties of turn. Because low to turn high count yarn, if not in ring, ring in the runway has been badly worn when low spinning yarn, the spinning high count is extremely bad, hairiness will produce a lot.
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