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Special agreement between China and Pakistan to support Pakistan cotton yarn exports to China - will increase Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Nearly a week, Pakistan cotton yarn price import demand in China continue to rise, aided by a surge in 20 blended yarn rose 1. 36%, high count cotton yarn in the basic no change, it is related to the cotton price stability. Due to the raw material price is very stable, and the yarn price rose sharply, profits of Pakistan cotton is expanding fast. But influenced by the rupee continue to fall, Pakistan cotton yarn export price ( The price in U. S. dollars) Basic did not change. In the next few months with support from the special agreement between China and Pakistan, Pakistan cotton yarn exports to China will increase, so even if the mill machine, yarn supply increased, yarn prices are still is expected to remain strong in Pakistan. Nearly a week, Pakistan import polyester staple fiber prices rose slightly, but domestic polyester staple fiber prices did not change. Due to chemical fiber factory profit is good, so recent polyester prices may continue to remain stable. Viscose staple fiber prices continue to fall, but the viscose yarn stop falling, the reason is viscose prices in the near future will stabilize.
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