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Southern xinjiang cotton mills sprint rush in the harvest frost season flowers gradually listed - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
It is understood that since November 5, southern xinjiang yarkand, markit, most of the bachu and aksu cotton seed cotton purchase prices rose slightly, again 10 seed cotton purchase price ( 40% lint, less than 13% water) Up to seven. 30 - 7. 50 yuan/kg, some contracts for processing plant or lease line on cotton enterprises above 0. 03 - 0. Parts of the 5 yuan/kg, reproduce the phenomenon of prices rush in the harvest. In November, declining seed cotton color grade, quality decline, cotton ginning mill in order to complete the guaranteed amount and reduce the purchase cost rush in the harvest. Recently zheng period of main contract continues to above 15300 yuan/ton consolidation, high-grade hand picked a cotton padded covering insurance opportunity arises, cotton ginning mill side selling on futures, side to speed up the acquisition. In addition, some recent sichuan, chongqing, hubei, henan, xumian customers flocked kashi, aksu cotton inquiry and purchase, market shows signs of prosperity, active plus mainland textile enterprise inventory work is imminent, commodities continued rebound expected intense, cotton ginning mill rush in the harvest is not surprising. On November 8 - 10, bachu, aksu, cottonseed sell price stability in 2. 50 - 2. 53 yuan/kg ( A small number of manufacturers have 2. Clinch a deal valence around 55 yuan/kg, but not representative) , but the crude oil, soybean oil, soybean, corn and other agricultural products futures price peaked back and the effect of oil and linter factory buy early. With coping, frost season flowers, peach seed maturity, yield efficiency decline, oil procurement cautious a lot. According to cotton ginning mill is calculated, by the middle of November, kashgar cotton seed cotton picking schedule - 80% Progress in 65-85%, processing 70%, cotton farmers hardly hoarding seed cotton, cotton brokers. Aksu cotton picking flowers progress is over 75%, low grade seed cotton market increases, the processing progress about 65%, is expected to southern xinjiang before 25 November after work to pick flowers, most of the cotton ginning mill in mid-december before the end of processing.
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