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Since May 200 billion tariff increasing yarn market situation analysis - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
By domestic layout, the yarn market under & other; Domestically & throughout; , have been cautious in mixed with bearish sentiment. Since March 2018, china-us economic and trade relations through repetition, from unilateral tariffs to both to add tariffs, the cheapest here is not one of their own. The Vietnam signed single free trade agreement with the European Union, and other Zero tariff & throughout; Guide the foreign trade order gradually transfer to southeast Asia. Since early may, as the us tariffs on imports of Chinese 200 billion increased from 10% to 25%, the news spread bad mood, contributed to the industry's expectations of weaker prices given. PTA, cotton futures fell away empty, and in more than a month's time, constantly refreshed with the trend of low to extension. According to market participants to understand, in the face by the test of the market, to restore confidence to close contacts between buying and selling, but orders in caution, a shrinking FangQi pin less embarrassing situation worse. Many areas FangQi, knitting factory regular inventory excess reserves, have in common one and half months or even more than 2 months the disadvantaged situation of the inventory, in order to avoid high library flows, serious forced & other; Enquiring & throughout; , through the downtime, the production, the callback price clinch a deal to promote real single, achieve the goal of rapid digestion inventory, but things change. Yarn market competing price callback, drops to the more, the more FangQi can only wait for the wan damage downstream enquiry, offer, one can imagine the embarrassing situation. Since the G20 summit, the us is no longer a new duties were imposed on to China, the two sides on the basis of equality and mutual respect to restart economic and trade negotiations. Seems there is no real progress, but the bad situation, brings new opportunity to the market. By raw yarn, polyester staple fiber, cotton market: after the middle of June, china-us economic and trade release positive expectations and rising tensions between Iran and America lead to oil, PTA futures have soared, it seemed useless to continue the downstream market survey of the deep down signs, its stock up enthusiasm obviously promoted, polyester staple fiber enterprises inventory rapidly digested, is & other; Good wind with force, to sail right & throughout; , the market prices rose 1100 yuan/ton. The cotton market is under pressure from the supply of large, difficult to get rid of the weak fundamentals, is only at the beginning of the news release, the spot and basis resources share rose 200 yuan/tons, in addition in the face of polyester short positive gains, some led to the downstream operation intention. According to the data statistics, in double the market price rises, under the help of yarn market price since the end of June rise one after another, but the lack of necessary support demand, its rally did not outperform the cost. Blended yarn gain market prices - 300 500 yuan/ton, pure polyester yarn market prices - 600 900 yuan/ton, pure cotton yarn market price rise is limited, most of the enterprise is just cancel the rebate, specific fund, stock 200 - rising tentative benign operation of the enterprise 300 yuan/ton. After the price rises, enquiry improved markedly downstream, social inventory accelerate digestion. Some companies said in a release raise information within 3 days, 15 - digested the usual 20 days of inventory. But not for long, as the previous good digestion, PTA, zheng cotton futures decline, polyester short pared early gains, in 300 - 400 yuan/ton, cotton continued to sideways. Yarn market collapse in the cost and demand picks up, their prices or is not ideal, some companies have released the callback or more wiggle room. PTA late yesterday to pull litre, night plate continued rally. International crude oil surged, the positive power of polyester industry, polyester short stop falling gains, but terminal underperformance temporary impress, yarn enterprises decline. The T/C 65/35 32 average price in 16900 yuan/ton, rose 3. 03%, year-on-year decline in 7. 91%. In the short term, the textile industry is in the off-season, scale, regional enterprise orders in hand, in the month of the order problem is not big, but with the low season, if double market and end demand weak pattern continues, more market operations, is expected to FangQi under lock cost, poly mood, the yarn market price down deep sign is not obvious, but weaker trend is also fuelling fears.
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