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by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
Heze monitoring station news, national cotton market monitoring system at the end of may by several textile enterprises in heze JuanCheng region investigation understands, JuanCheng textile market main raw products are made by weaving yarn knitting yarn, to produce 32 s, 40 s knitting yarn is given priority to, the whole shipment is relatively smooth, starts relatively early to rise, production situation has improved. It is understood that the local textile enterprises processing cotton yarn needed electricity per ton, wage and management cost is controlled in 6000 yuan/ton, some higher enterprise scale, the lower the management cost relatively. The price of knitting yarn 40 s is controlled in 20500 yuan/ton, 3 - April 200 - rising period 300 yuan/tons, mainly sold to fujian and zhejiang market. Company said, the price of raw material is relatively low, according to the current sales situation, cotton yarn sales are profitable, in the large scale of yarn, now 32 s cotton yarn shipment more smoothly. Most local enterprise raw material inventory levels in 1. 5 months or so. Some 20000 spindles FangQi controller introduces, although in mid-may due to poor management plan off for about 10 days, but with the recent received a partial order, foreign trade dealers have to cancel the holiday plan, foot flat is to promote production. The factory in early June, sales of about 5 tons of cotton yarn, product inventory of about 130 tons.
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