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by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
In recent years, shandong everywhere in cultivating expand new kinetic energy. Old and new kinetic energy conversion, both want to go to the new project of kinetic energy, and through technical transformation, upgrade traditional kinetic energy, let the tree buds. Shandong textile belongs to the typical traditional kinetic energy, and the spinning biggest provinces in the country. On December 12, 'asked zheng shandong' reported on the part of shandong textile enterprises seeking met with some difficulties and technical transformation in the process of the wall. After the broadcast, in shandong province of industry and information technology hall held special rectification, studies the intelligent technical problems of the provincial textile and garment industries. Ltd. was long textile factory, because the factory earlier, poor equipment, the linting bigger problem has always been difficult to solve, therefore missed a lot of business. If you want to change the status quo, to high-end products such as products applied to clothing, will need to eliminate the existing equipment, technical renovation. In fact, many textile and garment enterprises in shandong have the demand of the technical innovation, but because of suffering from a shortage of funds, many enterprises exclamation, 'you don't do technical transformation, you're waiting to die, if you make the technological transformation, you are dead. 'Asked the government of shandong', after the program of industry and information technology hall meeting led by the office of shandong province and the related departments to participate in the special rectification, studies the intelligent technical problems of the provincial textile and garment industries. Shandong province ministry hall and programs involving huaxing group, ltd. was long textile co. , LTD. , laiwu huatai new textile co. , LTD. , contact the 3 companies, established one to one service connection mechanism, intelligent and technical service providers huaxing group signed a cooperation agreement with two small micro enterprise, help the two small micro enterprises to implement intelligent upgrade. 'Huaxing group one-on-one instruction to us, to share their mode of technical renovation, enables us to walk a lot less detours. Aimed at the problem of yarn hairiness, now we have found the response, by huaxing group help us to increase equipment, slowly under control ', the problem of hairiness of yuncheng county long mill manager ali said. On December 24, 'the provincial textile and garment industry intelligent technical transformation field advance will' was held in binzhou, Yang come to attend the advance will. In advance on the meeting, experts do intelligent technical innovation seminar, intelligent technical experience of successful business practices, the competent department of the policy interpretation, Yang a lot of inspiration. 'Before the technical direction is not very clear, do not have to path and methods, this time listen to expert lectures and peer experience sharing, returning home, according to the actual situation of our enterprise, research technical strategy'. 'Asked zheng shandong' program referred to in the shandong huaxing textile group co. , LTD. , chairman of Hu Guangmin in advance to share the experience of business transformation services at the meeting. Chairman hu said, at present, there have been more than 30 textile clothing enterprise and group signed a cooperation agreement. 'We sorted out the problems for small micro enterprises, find the regularity of the development of a standardized, develop software, forming a concentrated solution. 'Advance on the meeting, ministry of shandong province hall organization intelligent technical service intelligent technical innovation cooperation agreement with related enterprise, guide and help more enterprise is a main direction with digital, networked, intelligent, promote enterprise intelligent and digital transformation. In shandong province of industry and information technology planning and technological transformation in hall 3 researcher Lv Changfei introduction, 'the next step, the province's hall to promote the industry intelligent technical transformation, is scheduled for December 27, the province held in weihai intelligent technology reform view advance will', the rise of a new round of large-scale intelligent technical transformation. When organizations to visit some intelligent technical post enterprises, popularize advanced region and the experience of the advanced enterprises implement intelligent technical practice, lead to more enterprises and service providers intelligent technical innovation cooperation agreement. On policy, the ministry of shandong province hall is in conjunction with the relevant departments of the enterprise technical transformation of existing block filling, major technical transformation project loan discount, enterprise technical renovation of new money award of policy of adjusting and optimizing, further enhance the enterprise of the acquisition.
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