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Seed cotton purchase small peak - anhui anqing years ago Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
According to the China correspondent feedback, cotton net, the day of the Spring Festival is more and more close to the size has been recorded in anqing in anhui province cotton ginning mill doesn't seem to have the holiday plan, rather active acquisition of seed cotton, seed cotton, volume increased significantly, set off a round of seed cotton purchase small peak in years ago. Jan 26 - 27 a blizzard of icy roads, transport, size has been recorded in anqing cotton ginning mill had to suspend the seed cotton purchase work. 28, the weather clears and continues on a clear day, after a road conditions gradually improved, cotton ginning mill have renewed their seed cotton purchase and seed cotton, volume increase gradually. Recently, the local giant seed cotton, volume reached 300000 jins, small plant seed cotton, combines the most also nearly 80000 catties. Analysis according to the personage inside course of study, the cotton ginning mill before seed cotton purchase volume, there are three main reasons: one is the cotton textile mills day inventory, some lint cotton ginning mill to digest inventory, purchase funds better; 2 it is concentrated in the Spring Festival for migrant workers returning home to help parents years ago sell seed cotton, cotton ginning mill can accept seed cotton resources increase; Three is the seed cotton market resources have not much, cotton ginning mill use current seed cotton purchase price is not high peak and sell cotton farmers years ago when I rush in the harvest. Recently, the local mainstream seed cotton purchase price in 2. 96 - 3. 5 yuan/kg, gross cottonseed sales price is zero. 98 - 1. 00 yuan/jin, lint sales price - in 14000 14800 yuan/ton.
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