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Quality index of yarn

by:Chengyi     2021-07-03

The dry weight of 100 meters of fancy yarn: refers to the dry weight of 100 meters of yarn. For example, the 100-meter dry weight of 21s yarn is 2.562g. Weight deviation: refers to the specified range of yarn weight deviation per unit length in order to ensure that the yarn count remains unchanged. For example: Is it reasonable that the weight deviation of a 21s yarn is ±2%? It can be seen that the degree of dispersion of B is less than that of A. The above example is when the average of the two sets of data is the same, and it can be expressed by the mean square error. If the averages are different, the CV value should be used to indicate the degree of variation.

Yarn depends on the cohesion and friction between fibers. If the fiber shape and arrangement state are not good, that is, there are fibers such as bending, looping, folding, entanglement, etc., it is equivalent to shortening the length of the fiber and weakening the degree of contact between the fibers. Yarn.

Because the new yarn structure makes the surface of the yarn more stable, the hairiness increase of post-processing is significantly lower than that of the traditional yarn. Especially as a warp yarn, it can save about 50% of the size when sizing, which greatly improves the looming rate and reduces the cost of weaving. According to some information, the use of new yarns in the United States can reduce the cost of US$2.4 per 100m of fabric weaving, and the flying flower can be reduced by 72%.

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