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Quality improvement to promote the healthy development of cotton textile industry in ningxia Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
1-2017 In September, inspection and quarantine bureau in ningxia yinchuan heald district office of inspection and quarantine import cotton group of 26, 7580. 423 tons, 33503 bales, value $12761935, weight, number of packages, value of 25, respectively, than the same period last year growth. 83%, 19. 83%, 47. 11%. Imported cotton, mainly from the United States, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Africa and other countries and regions. Ningxia has the best ecological textile co. , LTD. Start the whole process of intelligent digital spinning project, relying on the national western development and 'area' implementation background, using the heddle area in taxation, inspection and quarantine, customs clearance location advantages in aspects of preferential policies, the annual output of high-grade yarn after the production is expected to 4. 730000 tons. As the investment of new projects, all cotton imports will rise sharply. Inspection and quarantine departments to quality improvement for the gripper, and promote the healthy development of cotton textile industry development of our. Since this year, the development zone by making 'quick put efforts to' customs clearance facilitation of the goal, advancing the reform of customs clearance mode and examine mode and implement all-weather booking inspection booking inspection, comprehensively promote the paperless inspection declaration visa. Promote the implementation of 'one declaration, one inspection, a release' customs policy, constructing port integration linkage mechanism. Explore imported cotton container weighing mode, try to shorten the process time, build efficient and convenient customs clearance environment. At the same time, giving full play to the advantages of special surveillance zone, inspection and quarantine policy, copy to promote free trade in the region in term of inspection and quarantine system and the advanced experience, for the import of cotton imports preliminary inspection and supervision and management system, speeding up the third party inspection results focused on research, ensure the safety of imported cotton quality at the same time, reduce procedure link, shortening the time of release, reduce business operating costs. Strengthen risk analysis and risk early warning research, giving play to the role of inspection and quarantine technical barriers to trade research platform, do a good job in risk assessment, risk analysis, risk early warning and response, reduce the adverse impact of the enterprise, improve enterprise's ability to cope with risks.
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