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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
According to places such as guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, and Qingdao cotton trade enterprises, the ICE cotton futures since late August continues to rebound, outside the cotton spot quotation strong gains with ICE, the European Union to cut interest rates, resumption of QE, the fed's rate cut this year second positive, nearly half a month to Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, central Asia and present the rising (cotton yarn outside dish quotation 9/10/11 month shipment and bonded yarn) Yarn price rising, especially Vietnam. From several leading brands, companies, the prestige good Vietnamese mills provide quotation, from OE to high count yarn, combed yarn by 3 - 10 cents per kg, with high, BaoPiao and tight spinning up slightly larger. Some weaving mill, traders said, due to the bonded, cargo Vietnam $yarn has with India, central Asia cotton flat or even slightly higher 3 - 5 cents per kg, therefore to reduce or suspend Vietnam 9/10/11 shipment cotton inquiry, procurement; Vietnam yarn taking goods also is given priority to with clearance cotton yarn, bonded yarn interest and attention; Instead of external plate of India, Pakistan and cotton inquiry atmosphere. Foshan, guangdong, zhejiang shaoxing, middlemen, said C32S and below yarn count import shipment from August some improvement, especially C21, C26, C32S knitting yarn order is acceptable; But India, Vietnam, and central Asia 40 s - birth 60's, combed yarn and more than 40 s combed yarn ( With tight spinning) Trading is still light, some traders even there are used to describe.
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