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'Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' akzo is expected to achieve at the end of the yarn spindle - 8 million Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
Teeming with broad flat road, going standardized workshop, driving the aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) , is a large scale of construction, infrastructure complete, production progresses day by day in the park. In this once desolate gobi desert, is now the rise of a livable appropriate industry industry new town. On August 25, aksu green textile town and China textile commodity center project to start construction here, at the same time, aksu waffer 1 million ingot color spinning industrial park and 100000 tons of dyeing industrial park opened, and began to absorb enterprises. Marking the aksu region gradually formed from the cotton plant, textile, dyeing, weaving to the clothing of the whole industry chain development pattern, and realize from 'fields' to 'spreading heads' of the whole industry service system. Aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) 10 in 2010 approved the establishment of the people's government of autonomous region, is the whole xinjiang textile and garment industry 'tri-cities seven park a center' the layout of the southern city, the main construction of cotton, chemical fiber, knitting, woven, dyeing, textile, clothing, warehousing logistics, power energy, life ten major functional areas such as the business, is carries on the mainland textile and apparel industrial transfer demonstration area, into a leading textile and garment industry development of aksu area, drive an important base for surplus labor transferred from rural areas of southern xinjiang four ground state, and the western countries for the importance of central Asia, South Asia and Europe textile production and processing export base. So far, 470 textile industrial city, the total registered enterprises, of which 100 textile and garment enterprises, has formed 3 million ingot of cotton, 2722 looms, 32. 7 million ( Set) Home textile clothing, 1500 socks machine, 20000 tons of fiber dyeing size; There are 3 industrial workers. 80000 people, including 2 textile and garment industry workers. 50000 people. At the same time, aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) Improve the supporting infrastructure construction, a period of 50000 tons of sewage treatment plant project has been put into operation, the national cotton textile testing center has been built using; Has been built nearly thousands of sets of housing, the worker three kindergartens, a nine-year construct schools, a district hospital textile city branch; Textile bridge, railway private sidings textile logistic park, bonded logistics center ( B) Is under construction. Textile and apparel industry is labor-intensive industries. Aksu prefecture in recent years, relying on the unique resources of cotton and southern xinjiang center location advantage, seriously implement the major decision deployment, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, in accordance with requirements of the autonomous region party committee's deployment, accelerate to aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) As the core of textile and garment industry cluster development, and gradually improve the spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, textile, garment industry chain, in the aksu region gradually formed a 'one city four parks' (i. e. , aksu textile industrial city ( Development zone) , kuqa, shaya county, the new county, awat textile industrial park development pattern, relying on policy, resource, traffic, location and cost advantages, to speed up to undertake industrial transfer, on the east coast textile apparel industry into the fast lane high-speed growth, industry improve the overall quality, transformation and upgrading effect appeared gradually, becoming the silk road economic belt has attracted worldwide attention, the potential and the textile and garment industry investment one of the high heat, one million people in promoting the employment, promoting economic development, to undertake industrial transfer plays an important role in such aspects of Middle East. Aksu region tightly grasp opportunities, and, from the 'lowland' policy to industry, hr is to be a new star of xinjiang economy and solve the main channel of employment. As of the end of June this year, textile and clothing for the record companies of aksu area increased from 43 in 2014 to 431, the textile and garment of investment in fixed assets totaled 29. 8 billion yuan, more than 1978 - 36 years of total amount of investment in 2013, has completed 3. 5 million spindle spinning, 2870 looms, 89 million pieces of clothing, home textile, hosiery machine production capacity of 2720. Cultivating 'factory' 58, textile and garment industry to create more employment opportunities. 80000 people, the implementation of cotton resources in situ conversion rate 40%. At present, the spindle under construction scale, 2. 25 million pounds of aksu area, plans to build 2 million pounds. Is expected to achieve by the end of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' more than 8 million spindle spinning, weaving, 3. 1 1. 1 billion meters, home textile clothing. 6. 5 billion ( Set) , the gross industrial output value of 40 billion yuan, the whole industry chain drive the employment of 150000 people, by boosting employment 80000 poor families out of poverty to get rich, powerful in promoting regional stability and social stability and security.
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