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by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Photo gallery article | | baidu China cotton information network editor: BCO - Kiki enterprise echoes note: the following accesses for submission, this paper views do not represent China cotton information network, for reference only. To enter in May, the yarn market are the obvious features of low season. A decrease in the number of market transactions; The second is the price to maintain smooth weak pattern. Specific as follows: pure cotton yarn price quantity by weak. As of May 6, pure cotton yarn market is given priority to with flat weak hebei shangdong and henan province area. On the same day, some factory in shandong 21 s high with knit fabric with pure cotton yarn price is 22900 yuan/ton, 32 s high knitting with pure cotton yarn with the current price is 24200 yuan/ton, price stabilization. Enterprise said, if a purchase quantity more than 100 tons, preferential price can be 200 yuan/ton. The factory director said that due to seasonal reasons, conventional yarn, coarse yarn market overall weak, 40 s, and the yarn count is slightly lower in price stability, in May the following, or - in 100 200 yuan/ton. However, some high count line market is relatively stable. 6, henan combed the 40 s of some factory price is in 25200 yuan/ton, relatively flat yesterday. Said the recent order smoothly, enterprises according to single production. According to the analysis, on May 5, national cotton reserves round out, companies bidding enthusiasm is higher, and solutions for the enterprise's need of cotton, pure cotton yarn market has played a good role for stable. However, due to the trade talks over, many textile mills cautiously optimistic attitude to the market. Polyester yarn market to maintain transient stability, but the market pessimistic atmosphere is strong. As of May 6, shandong weifang 32 s pure polyester yarn mill to 15900 yuan/ton ( Tax included) , compared with 23 April price no change, sales well, big can negotiate according to quantity. Hebei cangzhou 32 s pure polyester yarn mill to 16800 yuan/ton ( The factory of make out an invoice) , compared to April 30, compared with the price no change, big can negotiate according to quantity. Pure polyester yarn poor overall performance, companies stay in business. Due to the poor downstream demand, combined with the raw material cost is higher, the enterprise operation profit is low. It is understood that the recent polyester staple fiber prices dropped slightly, also bring some pressure on pure taeniasis and yarn. As of May 6, 1 in shandong district. 4 d * 38 mm polyester staple fiber at 8960 yuan/ton, the price down slightly compared with April 30, 100 yuan/ton. Market analysis, as the upstream raw material prices, or will open polyester yarn prices fell back. Cotton all smoothly, but trade shrank. 6, some 30 people s cotton factory in shandong to 19300 yuan/ton ( Tax ex-factory price) And no change price compared to April 30, sales, clinch a deal amount more than a little discount. 30 s at a factory in henan province cotton this daily 18000 yuan/ton ( Cash price) Factory, compared to April 30, the price no change, clinch a deal amount more than a little discount. It is understood that since mid-april, viscose staple fiber prices continue to decline. As of 6, 1 in a given area. 2 d * 38 mm to 12700 yuan/ton, compared with 30 April prices fell 100 yuan/ton; Hebei district 1. 5 d * 38 mm of viscose staple at 13100 yuan/ton, compared with 30 April prices fell 100 yuan/ton. Market analysis, due to the raw material prices weak, or will drag on cotton prices. With the coming of the off-season, the yarn market in the short term, or a rut. Enterprises should be more cautious, strives for the survival in the wind and rain muddy development.
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