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by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
Beijing, xinjiang news on December 5 (Reuters) - Ma Yixuan) On December 2, xinjiang richly shock nylon cotton spinning co. , LTD. , 2 million spinning full production, a phase of the project in front of the 12 workshop, more than 200 workers took the celebrated banners. Xinjiang richly shock nylon cotton spinning co. , LTD. , general manager of Ma Xiaobin said in the production of the ceremony, a phase of the project completed will form the production capacity of 1 million pounds per year, can produce all kinds of high quality yarn, 17. 50000 tons, sales reached 3. 5 billion yuan. Two and a half years, since early June 2015 project based work, more than 900 days and nights, more than 1800 richly nylon worker on the gobi desert, will be 35 single building, construction area of 310000 square meters construction comprehensive advancement. And focus on durability, ensuring complete plant construction, equipment installation and debugging of 12 workshop, feeding trial production, production operations, a modern spinning base is presented in the gobi desert in xinjiang. The construction, production speed also created the legend of textile industry. In order to achieve the goals of total, enterprises actively recruit more than 1000 ethnic minority staff employment, since this year in post full, under the condition of shortage of training personnel, also has received three times found a place for more than 200 southern xinjiang region surplus labor to study, employment, life in our company. At present, through regular political thought, safety education, training of basic skills, they have all achieve stable employment. Earthquake in 2018, richly nylon will continue to accelerate forward, advancing a second phase of construction, efforts to build the world's largest production base of regenerated cellulose fiber yarns, continue to introduce international advanced carding couplet, automatic air spinning, vortex spinning and winding thickness ring spun and other production equipment, after all put into production, will be an annual output of ten thousand tons of all kinds of high quality viscose yarn more than 30. Ma Xiaobin said, at present the production of viscose yarn are mainly sold to the mainland, in order to extend the industrial chain, zhongtai group is from single fiber to diversified development, from single to blend spinning, downstream can also be used for artificial leather, etc. Guided by the party's 19 big spirit, truly converted the resources advantage into industrial advantage, to become bigger and stronger contributions to korla development zone textile and garment industry. Small make up from textile industry do know korla development zone, the current development zone textile clothing investment intensity, frequency than in previous years, the successful introduction of hui with Thai yearly produces 10000 ton bobbin dyeing, Kang Pingna annual output of 200000 tons of cheese dyeing ( Won the first prize in national science and technology) Intelligent demonstration plant, Wan Liyuan textile and garment, such as the downstream industry chain project, as shunda rapier woven, eastern group of weaving the ground of the project such as 6000 sets of air-jet loom, weaving, dyeing and printing of 'zero breakthrough'; Jinling home textiles, is knitted, double the knitting, clean miaotuo textile, rain soft towel, yun to clothing, a batch of companies such as art jie home textile floor construction, fill the knitting, towels, carpets, garment industry, such as blank; Successful introduction of owning the cutting-edge technology of polymer materials in sichuan zhongke societe generale PPS ( PPS) Polymer materials project, fill the blank of the high-end industrial textiles projects. In the whole xinjiang led to textile and garment industry value chain, to build textile and garment production base of whole industry chain have laid a solid foundation.
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