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Kaifeng municipal party committee secretary team visited henan xin sheng textile - Hou Hong rate Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
Kaifeng municipal party committee secretary Hou Hong morning of April 15, the city mayor Gao Jianjun rate the cities construction quality, and the focus group, in WeiShi Ren Honghe, secretary of the county party committee, county magistrate Korea treated group and others, came to henan xin sheng textile technology co. , LTD. , the inspection work. In front of the spinning workshop in the company, the company's chairman Shi Zhenlei Hou Hong, Gao Jianjun line describes the present situation of xin sheng project, Shi Zhenlei said: xin sheng textile technology co. , LTD, is a kaifeng in henan province xin prosperous phase ii of the transformation and upgrading of cotton industry co. , LTD. , was founded in November 2016, spinning, weaving, dyeing, the project involves a total investment of 1. 4 billion yuan. In march this year has been completed spinning project put into production. The main products are 80, 100, 120, a high count cotton yarn, the xin prosperous spinning cotton industry scale has reached 300000 pounds, 2017 output value reached 1 billion yuan. Xin sheng project after all put into production in 2019 will lead optimization methodology for textile industry millions of pounds from low to high value-added products transformation and upgrading of products, and start the build textile printing and dyeing industry '1 + 7' regional Shared system, realize the kaifeng, luoyang, xuchang, zhoukou, xinxiang, the textile industry of technology sharing and collaborative production, attracting domestic and international famous clothing brand enterprises to invest WeiShi, driving the development of local economy. Three to five years, an output value exceeding 10 billion, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing one-stop implementation, elongated textile industry chain, embodies the 'green, low carbon, health, intelligence,' the four core, henan province, the first big green textile printing and dyeing enterprise demonstration zone will rise in zhongzhou earth. Then, the company's chairman Shi Zhenlei accompanied Hou Hong, Gao Jianjun line in spinning production workshop inspection. The workshop lights, rumbling sound, clean and tidy environment. Dress neatly and refreshed women in running orderly operation of production by advanced spinning equipment. Inspection, listen Shi Zhenlei Hou Hong side, while he was cheerfully see running advanced spinning equipment, nodded and said good. When said Shi Zhenlei spinning equipment are all made of the current domestic and international the most advanced carding and combing machines, complex degree and testing equipment, the party secretary Hou Hong said very satisfied. At the end of the inspection, party secretary Hou Hong conscientiously implement the party's 19 big xin sheng company spirit, adhere to in order to improve the quality and benefit as the center, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, innovation and development, strengthen the practice of textile industry highly. Hou Hong said, in the 21st century, China's textile industry welcomed by large to strong convergence, the history of the 'made in China 2025' depth fusion, textile and Internet gave rise to the new change, innovation, harmonious and green, open, sharing 'development strategy and the new concept of expecting her opportunity. As kaifeng kaifeng endur cotton industry textile industry leading enterprises, to go in the forefront of the 'made in China, green manufacturing', through the production pattern change and make use of the 'Internet', 'big data', 'cloud platform', such as technology, start the build textile printing and dyeing industry '1 + 7' regional Shared factory system, and realize the city and the province of textile, printing and dyeing technology sharing and collaborative production, to the textile industry high xinhua, greening, informationization, the 'four modernizations' the fashion fusion way for transformation, cohesion innovation, strive to build one hundred xin prosperous textile powerhouse, to achieve by the textile powers to textile powers, to kaifeng new greater contributions to the economic and social development.
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