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by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
In most people's impression, the spinning industry is one of the traditional labor-intensive industries, and industrial age in intelligence, intelligent machines are replacing workers, textile workers will also be entered with intelligent machines for job opportunities. By the quality development strategy research institute, wuhan university, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Stanford university, the Hong Kong university of science and technology institute of China enterprise - emerging markets Employees matching survey ( CEES) The latest results show that the given real wages have more than doubled in the past 10 years, the manufacturer is using automation technology, investment, research and development, the new higher value-added products. And recently, the reporter in suzhou shock nylon cotton spinning co. , LTD. , biomass regenerated fiber smart also happens to see production workshop, spacious and clean workshop, maintained a constant temperature and humidity work environment, running a high-speed automatic machine to replace the original going back and forth across the rows of textile factory busy scene, there are only a few workers during a tour and simple operation, these are overturned people's impression for the traditional textile industry. Jian-kun wu is introduced according to the vice general manager, benefit from the intelligent equipment input and technological process of transformation, the original work more than 100 people now need only 20 people, not only the production efficiency is improved, and the stability of product quality is higher. 'To do a good job, must first sharpen his device. 'Enterprise to sustainable development, cannot leave' smart object 'products. The introduction of biomass fiber workshop which has the function of on-line monitoring the German carding and drawing frame type, fine winding al green jersey spinning frame, Japan fine complex type automatic winder and so on a large number of fully automated and international leading intelligent equipment, realize the sliver feeding, rotational speed, spinning speed, viscosity, the winding connection, transmission of automation control. Intelligent workshop by using digital information technology integration, MES, ERP management system such as intelligent workshop informatization and the perfect integration of ERP data. Intelligence in the workshop, the entire production automation, intelligent control system ', 'online monitoring information,' jian-kun wu, every spindles by sensors networking, system can real-time monitor to the production line each spindles, greatly saves the manpower, improve the efficiency. Maintain continuity throughout the whole process, reduce artificial chance to contact the yarn, yarn quality has been further stabilize and improve, greatly improve the efficiency of production and labor productivity. Chairman of the board of directors of the company Shen Peirong admitted that labor prices are soaring and increasingly fierce competition in the market, if it is according to the old way to do it, will gradually lose market competitiveness, and may even be eliminated. This situation makes the shock nylon cotton spinning top to realize that the development of intelligent manufacturing is a traditional industry breakthrough, automation, intelligent, informatization, is the only way for the development of enterprises. 'Not do you want to do, but the market and environmental forces you to do so. Reduce cost, manufacture find out the way to the intelligence, intelligent manufacture can make double the production efficiency, intelligent want to hedge the artificial cost is high, 'the more people use the less money become the reality of textile industry is difficult to avoid, the textile industry in the future of professional workers will be less and less, without reducing the labor efficiency is no way, this is the foundation of the transformation and upgrading of foundation in, there is no other way. This move is the benefits of a full range of. Shen Peirong, for example: 'in 2005, the company more than 130 people ingot labor, now biomass than ingot labor 35 people, vortex spinning of ingot labor only 15 people. Each year thousands of ingot actually reduce the labor costs about 3. 5 million yuan. Ago, bobbin pull process all needs to manual operation, and now, each machine is installed, the manipulator can be one-time pull down all the 1200 ingot bobbin, and through the manipulator plug atc all at once. '' equipment update also led to the technological progress. Before, our product is given priority to with ordinary ring spun, today, we follow the spinning technology development trend, using the relationship between compact spinning technology. The same viscose yarn, compared with the ordinary ring spun yarn, compact spinning siro yarn a ton can sell 3000 pieces more, products are exported to the global textile and high-end market, many premium brands at home and abroad are black silk ribbon of long-term customers. 'Jian-kun wu said. Since 2008, the earthquake nylon cotton took out 100 million yuan every year for several years production equipment modification, the introduction of Germany, Japan, Switzerland and other countries of advanced spinning equipment, built a black silk ribbon biomass intelligent workshop. After years of agriculture, shock nylon cotton has comprehensive automation, intelligent, informatization basic implementation workshop. Seismic, nylon is building the domestic chemical fiber industry, the whole process automation intelligent digital production factory, the example of the company's web system monitoring software will be put into use, the system like a spider web, connect all the machine, the production process can realize the online detection, all build visual intelligent control system, realizing the data exchange between the machine and integrated management. The company's goal is to build a connectivity production equipment, production process real-time scheduling, material convey information automation, product traceability, workshop environment intelligent monitoring intelligent monitoring, resource consumption and linkage collaborative design development and production of intelligent spinning factory. Shen Peirong, according to the current textile industry has entered a new historical period, the company in intelligent manufacturing and green development as the key, to speed up cultivating new momentum and core competitiveness, out of a supported by intelligent technology and equipment development of transformation and upgrading.
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