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Inside and outside the cotton price 1548 yuan/ton, will continue to shrink? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
It is understood that 11 - In December with the expected decline in cotton export demand, international cotton supply and under the drive of ICE rising price, international cotton prices go higher. According to the national cotton system, according to the national cotton index on December 8th international cotton index ( M) Fold the import price is 14190 yuan/ton, rising from 5. 4%. The domestic spot prices continue to Yin fell, domestic CNCotton B index is 15738 yuan/ton, price fell 0. 8%. In the domestic cotton prices drop and international cotton prices rise, under the dual role of inside and outside the cotton prices continue to shrink. Data, according to the national cotton market monitoring system on December 8, inside and outside the cotton spot price is 1548 yuan/ton, from 36 drop in November. 8%, the difference between futures disk is 2955 yuan/ton, fell 17. 1%. According to market analysis, stock up more ample domestic textile enterprises, under the condition of short term supply exceeds demand, domestic cotton prices or will continue down slightly, and the international cotton prices higher, 2 - in the future 3 months difference of cotton is expected to shrink at home and abroad. Cotton textile enterprise, according to inside and outside differential shrunk to less than 1500 yuan/ton is helpful to improve the competitiveness of the domestic cotton yarn, thereby boosting domestic cotton sales progress slightly.
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