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by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
According to guangdong, jiangsu and zhejiang and other places of cotton yarn trade enterprises, nearly more than a week to bonded cotton yarn, & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Inquiry, clinch a deal, small rebound, the periodic warming trends of shipment, in addition to the 7 s - Pakistan 16 s siro-spun still & other; Throughout the tepid &; Outside, OE yarn, C21S - C32S high BaoPiao yarn trading atmosphere is active, especially outside dish Pakistan cotton, Indian companies are concerned by brand yarn weaving mill in China, traders. Qingdao operator said, since July, look at the following number of goods, clinch a deal on C32S and combed cotton yarn, and 32 s and above comb, combed yarn and quotation on the high side of the compact spinning is signed, shipped last light ( Mainly India, Vietnam yarn) , sales & other; Giant yarn better than the small factory, brand yarn yarn is better than a less known and inferior brand, since the yarn is better than the electric yarn clearer, BaoPiao yarn is better than not BaoPiao & throughout; The pattern. Some traders, agencies estimate that by the end of July 15, the amount of Qingdao bonded cotton yarn, yarn clearance has reached eight Yarn 100000 tons, India, Vietnam, yarn of relatively large. To import cotton yarn of inner and outer plate of the cause of the rally trading, the author summarized simply the following three points: one is for nearly half a month to China imported yarn, yarn spreads gradually narrowed, the yarn with cotton grades, the advantages of the net weight and settlement began. In July, according to the survey mid-march: domestic medium-sized FangQi C32S match yarn in 21700 - quotation 21900 yuan/ton ( State reserve cotton cotton assorting accounted for more than 50%) High, and port C32 match BaoPiao yarn in India, Vietnam, Pakistan also more than in 21800 - quotation 22000 yuan/ton, compared to import good yarn quality index, high dyeing consistency; The second is the customary 8 - October domestic textile and apparel market will gradually start, for OE yarn, low consumption of ring spinning picks up, on the one hand, bedding, coarse cloth, denim, shirts, and other orders recovery; On the other hand, shandong, hebei, henan, jiangsu and other places of small cotton production production is serious, superposition of the two cases, mill, clothing enterprises choose imported yarn & other; Throughout the transition &; ; 3 it is August/September the expected appreciation of the yuan to heat up, good cotton yarn cotton imports. For the fed's rate cut in the end of July for the first time in ten years has high expectation, the fed also can indeed & other; Cater to & throughout; The influence of market, the RMB exchange rate is inevitable; But decided to long-term trend of RMB exchange rate is still the fundamentals. China's economic downward pressure but won't appear stall downward has gradually become a consensus of views, combined with the central bank to timely & other; Intervention & throughout; , the kinetic energy of the appreciation of the renminbi to depreciate significantly greater than.
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