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by:Chengyi     2020-07-14
On January 25 A week 31, affected by cotton prices fell sharply, and Indian cotton export prices started to fall. Is reported that this year's early affected by factors such as cotton market is not enough, India cotton prices surged to a relatively high level, and with the cotton market rebound quickly recently, India cotton prices began to answer cut, cotton export price cut. According to statistics, in the past 7 days India cotton prices down about 2 - 4%, of which the S - 3 6 price drop. By 5% to 1800 rupees/candy; India has fallen JC30SFOB export 5 cents, fell by 1. 49%; T65 / C3530SFOB export prices dropped 5 cents, fell by 1. 82%. And vulnerable to the cotton price difference, in the past 7 days India polyester staple fiber prices have been rising steadily, T30S ludhiana market prices rose 2 rupees to 131 rupees ($/ kg, 1 in punjab province. 4 d polyester staple fiber prices and T30S both rose 2 rupees, but it is still relatively low level of 4 weeks after 3. 25 rupees.
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