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Indian cotton export prices there will be restored - 19 years exports to China Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
On August 14 - 21, Indian cotton export prices continue to fall. Although international cotton prices, but India cotton prices did not change. At present, the Indian cotton yarn weak demand, the domestic price is smooth, export prices continue to fall, 30 combed down 5 cents to 3. $50 / kg. Recently, China imported Indian cotton yarn prices also fell, fell more than 3 cents a week, nearly four weeks fell 8 cents. India 100% chemical fiber yarn prices with China polyester staple fiber prices up, 30 knitting yarn 2 rupees, increase by 1. 5%. Qingdao yarn summit last week, India, said an official with the council for the promotion of cotton textiles import and export of Chinese demand has been weak, but 2018/19 Indian cotton is expected to increase production, the quality will improve, will help FangQi applied to reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of cotton yarn exports, therefore he expects India 2018/19 cotton yarn exports to China will be restored.
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