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by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Business club on November 13, according to statistics, in August 2014 to July 2015, export cotton yarn 131 in India. 610000 tons, of which 48. 45% to China, 11. 95% to Bangladesh. 7, 8, 2015, India's cotton yarn exports in September 11 respectively. 680000 tons, 11. 60000 tons, 11. 80000 tons, the year-on-year growth rate of 35. 34%, 23. 4%, 18%, export growth is obviously reduced, among them, China in September for Indian cotton imports accounted for only 35% of India's cotton yarn exports, gradual decline trend. But at the same time China's imports from countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, uzbekistan cotton yarn has been evident in the number of the on rising momentum. The author thinks that the Indian cotton yarn exports slowed and even negative growth is a kind of inevitable, with 1995 - In 2010 China's textile enterprises path 'same' and here's why: the quality of cotton yarn exports less competitive, India. Along with the Chinese textile industrial upgrading of enterprises, product structure adjustment, the high count and high density fabric and an increasing demand of high-grade fabrics, 40 S and older mills combed yarn, combed yarn is India's universal 'short board', on the one hand, India cotton assorting cotton spinning enterprises domestic S - mainly in India 6, J34, MCU5 is given priority to, although the fiber length is relatively good, but the big horse value, low strength and roller ginned cotton impurities, such as 'three silk' exceeds bid badly problem isn't suitable for spinning high count over 50 s, and USES the Australian cotton, cotton with cotton JC60, JC80S yarn price is higher than our domestic line; India's spinning equipment update more slowly on the other hand, new spinning technology adoption is not much, Such as friction spinning siro spinning, compact spinning, CARDS, etc. ) 。 Second, the Indian cotton yarn loss of export price advantage. Since 2015, C21, C32S Pakistan cotton yarn CNF, CIF price is less than the Indian cotton yarn 0. 10 - 0. $15 / kg, but low a gauze is almost the same yarn quality, stability, and India; Though Vietnam yarn offer relatively Indian cotton high 0. 5 $/ kg, but the level of cotton yarn with cotton, such as strength, CV value index obviously stronger than India yarn, yarn price better than the seal. Compared with the imported yarn Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India yarn 'material is beautiful but in Hollywood'. Three, Vietnam cotton export explosive growth, rob yarn international market share. By China's textile industry capacity a lot off to Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries, the new spinning equipment, and at least 50% cotton under C40S products back to China, and along with the advancement of the TPP, Vietnam is becoming a textile enterprise beat the layout of the area, which are found in Vietnam and clothing to the United States, its tariffs will be reduced to zero, according to statistics, the first 10 months of Vietnam garment retail turnover year-on-year growth of 12. 1%. Four, India weaving capacity rapidly rising, grey cloth, fabric, clothing export speed-up. India will come into effect in a dozen African countries against India's cotton textiles and synthetic textiles 'Indian export promotion plan', and the Indian textiles by dubai ports influx of southeast Asian nations such as Pakistan, causing the domestic part of the cotton textile enterprises there is no single answer, at the same time India to developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea fabric, clothing exports also presents 'thriving' state.
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