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India: the new tax system disrupt the normal operation of the market fell - cotton export Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
Last week, On June 29 - On July 5) , India's first week on the GST officially adopted the new tax system, basic in the frozen state, India's domestic price of cotton textile cotton export prices fell slightly. It is understood that the India market for GST ( Goods and services tax) The implementation of the confused, part of the city's textile producers and traders sparked protests, and even clashed with police. Tamil tiger gravels have the strike phenomenon at the same time. India's domestic market trading activities in a mess. Export market, the Indian cotton export prices fell last week, in which 30 s pure cotton combed yarn FOB prices fell 8 cents to 2. 95 cents per kg. It is understood that since the end of November 2016, the Indian cotton yarn price basic floating around 3 cents per kg, at present, India compared to the price of cotton yarn exports during the same period last year rose by 5. 4%. Cotton prices began to fall last week, Pakistan, India cotton prices remain strong. Influenced by the international cotton prices continue to fall sharply, India spinning profitability has been under pressure to further, cotton export earnings continue to be compressed.
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