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India's trade expansion preferential duty cotton consumption increases sharply - for the next fiscal year Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
Media news, the international market demand to improve the positive factors to promote, 2018/19 Indian cotton consumption is expected to increase. Because the Indian cotton price advantage obviously, next year, India's cotton exports will also be raised at the same time. According to the forecast the counsellor, 2018/19 India for 25 million bales cotton consumption, exports of 4. 2 million bales. Recently, the Indian rupee weakened to nearly a decade lows, India cotton and cotton yarn in the future two months of export orders have been booked. It is understood that since July 1, 2018, India and Bangladesh, China, Laos, Korea, Sri Lanka and other countries in the asia-pacific trade agreement ( 'Bangkok agreement') , the implementation of the preferential tariff trade expansion. India, including some woven fabric products ( The HS code 5208) The export tariffs will be changed. Expect the preferential tariff adjustment, India cotton consumption and cotton textiles exports will be greatly increased.
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