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India's cotton yarn exports fell 22% Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
In the first quarter of this year, India's cotton yarn exports fell 22%, the reason is that the global decline in import demand and domestic cotton prices to rise. Due to a reduction in India and Bangladesh import demand in China cotton yarn inventory backlog, so the mills to reduce production in India. Indian cotton textiles export promotion association, said China's economic growth slowed in global cotton demand under pressure, since this year, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the European market demand for cotton yarn in the recession. More seriously, the domestic cotton prices high lead to severe decline in profits of Indian cotton, also contributed to the momentum of India's cotton yarn exports. At present, the Indian cotton yarn factory orders gradually erosion, orders from China are being snatched Pakistan and Vietnam. India is the world's biggest cotton exporter in China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and Korea has an important position. In 2018/19, the Indian cotton yarn exports to China increased, accounting for one-third of China's cotton import, Indian cotton yarn exports to Vietnam last year increased by 72%. This year, India's cotton yarn exports to China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Europe have dropped, mills were forced to switch to the domestic market sales, clothing imports in Bangladesh and India more Indian mills was on pins and needles. Since 2018/19, India for Bangladesh's garment imports jumped 82%, to 3. 6. 5 billion dollars, the use of cloth for the most part is duty-free imports of Chinese products.
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