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India: raw material supply not on mills probability low - open Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Because cotton prices rose sharply, cotton yield significantly below expectations, outside India textile actively import cotton, but due to the international cotton prices go up and down, textile purchasing buy also along with it. This month, according to the state of gujarat cotton spot prices are down from 42500 rupees/Germany rose to 46000 rupees ($/ Germany, the price of other states or even as high as 47000 - 48000 / Germany. According to Indian agreement, cotton prices in 80 - 87 cents/pound textile mills will actively purchase, once the ICE futures, weaker textile mills immediately fill the dips library, India cotton import demand provides strong support for the international cotton prices. India textile mainly import west African cotton, cotton and cotton in East Africa. We have learned, at present the Indian state of gujarat nearly 800 textile cotton serious shortage of raw materials, the machine is only 25 Open probability 30%, over the next few months are likely to continue to decline. Among them, nearly 200 have been completely shut down, the rest of the manufacturer's average probability is only 25%. Affected by the cotton production, cotton exports is expected to reduce 40 - India 45%, international market more from Brazil and other origin purchase of cotton.
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