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India CAI again cut to 36. 2 million bales - cotton production Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Media news, recently India cotton association ( CAI) Cut again in 2017/18 cotton output to 36. 2 million packages ( 1 package = 170 kg, hereinafter the same) , one year is 500000 packages. India's total supply of 41. 2 million bales cotton this year, including 3 million package imports of initial inventory and 2 million packages. According to the state of gujarat and other states, about 3. 5 million pounds of yarn production, is expected to 2017/18 of India's cotton consumption of about 33 million packages, increase 1 million bales. This year India's cotton exports increase in annual carryover stocks slightly more nervous, about 6 million bales cotton exports is expected, the final inventory of about 2. 2 million packages, less than one year is 3 million bales. In order to guarantee the interests of farmers, this week, India's agriculture already cut the price of BT cotton seed by seven. By 5% to 740 rupees/package ( 1 package = 450 g) And the price is determined. This week, March 12 - 16) In April, India MCX cotton futures contract price fell below 20680 - 20700 rupees/package price range, hitting a 20350 - 20380 rupees/package range.
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