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India and Pakistan cotton yarn blended yarn sharply lower - prices drop Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
In the latest week, Indian cotton prices fell, the reason is weak demand and polyester short price plunge. Nearly three weeks, Indian polyester short prices fall sharply, 100% pure polyester yarn worst, 100% pure cotton has forced down. Earlier this month, 1 in India. 4 d polyester short from 102. 50 rupee fell to 96. 50 rupees per kilogram, to continue to fall to 90 in mid-june. 50 rupees, nearly three Zhou Di short down 11. 7%, and the import of Chinese polyester short price movements. Imported polyester short prices plunged and rupees to continue the strong influence of RMB exchange rate, polyester short manufacturer in India was forced to cut price, 100% pure polyester yarn fell 3 last week. Around 9%, close to the cumulative under 7. 5%. If prices remained stable in the next few weeks, mills profit is expected to be improved. Cotton yarn, while India's domestic cotton prices did not change, but cotton prices also fell 2 - Five rupees, blended yarn sharply lower, and the demand is not obviously improved. In cotton yarn prices, India may increase export sales. Read on Pakistan cotton yarn prices fell in the latest week, Pakistan cotton yarn prices fell sharply, the reason is that the rupee down further and mills on July 1, promotion before tax policy changes. In the week, Pakistan's 30 combed yarn fell 6%, for China's exports continue to reduce prices, the main factors of yarn prices may remain under pressure in the future. Pakistan yarn price is relatively stable, the reason is the downstream factories need to inventory. Markets that 17% cotton 10% sales tax and textile sales tax would lead to the textile production fell in the second half of this year. In the latest week, Pakistan's domestic polyester/cotton yarn and polyester viscose yarn sales have increased, cotton prices remain strong, reason is to reduce cotton ginning mill spot supply. In addition, the rupee weakened the cotton imports cost increase, also support the domestic cotton prices. The week, Pakistan polyester short price has not changed, the import of Chinese polyester short prices rose slightly. The past four weeks, although domestic polyester short factory falling profits, but 1. 4 d polyester short stability in 185 rupees ($/ kg. Viscose staple fiber prices did not change.
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